As some of you know…I am comfy playing in the land of fairies, gnomes and invisible skallywags of all sorts.  I have a very vivid imagination which can be very entertaining, very soothing, very creative, very weird and sometimes can scare the crap out of me!

Just depends on what kind of mood I am in :)

I have never been very comfortable with the idea of being a self contained I-N-D-I-V-I-D-U-A-L.  Seems like too much pressure…whether I sink or swim has everything to do with me…just little ol me.

I love the idea that there are unseeable forces out there helping me…hindering me…giving me brilliant ideas…supporting me when I am working with clients…and doing stand up comedy at my expense.

You know what I mean?

Have you ever experienced something that felt divinely inspired?  Like something outside of you brought you this gem of an idea and if when you followed it…it turned out to be brilliant and amazing.

Have you ever looked back on something that you have created…shook your head in amazement and thought:  “Did I really do that by myself?”

I am gonna take a risk here and say….”Nope!  You didn’t do that by yourself!”

You had help.

From something.

The greeks called it your muse.

Christians call it god.

I call it fairies, gnomes and invisible skallywags!

I also call it help from non physical friends 😉

This brings me to this brilliant presentation by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Check it out here on TEDtalk


5 Responses to “Tuning into your muse…or is that a fairie?”

  1. Thanks for that TEDTalk link. I especially like her description of Ruth Stone’s inspiration for poetry.

    It reminded me of a blog post I read in which the writer started out saying that he wrote the Best Blog Post Ever. But he wrote It in his head, while he was mowing the lawn. And by the time he was finished and had put away the lawn mower and sat down at the computer to type It in, It was gone. His post inspired me to blog about an idea for a Writer’s Camp.

    Anyway, ideas pop into my head all the time. I ascribe that not to faeries but to erratic electrical impulses in my brain.

  2. Hey there Mr Peg~ I am glad that you liked her presentation. I loved the part about Ruth Stone too. I have felt chased by ideas and then they fly into my head and if I don’t have paper and pencil…they fly right out my ear and head to Nebraska!

    As for the erratic electrical impulses in your brain…that is what the faeries want you to believe;)

  3. I’m with Mr. Peg. I have a hard time believing in fairies, but would love to. I KNOW that the electrical impulses in MY brain are responsible for a lot of shit…not all inspirational, but I have had my moments! I just didn’t have a pen and paper!!

    Loved the blog and the link LynnE, thanks.

  4. I don’t own a cellphone or bluetooth headset. But I suppose if you have these, you could find a way to fashion a Dictaphone out of it to record your ideas verbally.

    Nodding to Tara.

  5. Hey Tara and Mr Peg~ Thanks for your comments. I would have responded sooner but, for some reason I am not receiving any emails that tell me I have blog post responses…hmmmmm maybe the trolls have taken over my blog!

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