Finally, I am ready to chat about Christmas.  But, I don’t think it’s gonna be what you are hoping for.  Okay.  Maybe we can turn this story into a “how to take care of yourself during the holidays.”

Ya.  That’s it.

Here we go….

I am not traditionally a “hum bug” kind of gal.  But, after this weekend…I am starting to wonder.

It was many nights before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

…well, that’s not really true.  We heard some mice playing in the garage and my fella and I were wide awake.  Snuggling in bed, watching a movie on my laptop.  You see our TV died a few weeks ago and we have not been able to replace it.  Maybe in January.  Maybe not.  We are waiting for a big wad of cash to magically drop down from the sky and land in our laps.

I wrote to Santa asking him for a TV…well actually a flat screen LCD TV.  We shall see.  I have my fingers crossed 😉

Back to the story.

We were all snuggled in, cozy as can be…watching a movie.  When all of a sudden we heard all of a bunch of voices walking down the road.

“What is that” whispered my fella

“I dunno” I whispered back.

We put our movie on pause.  And held our breaths.


Then we heard it.

As loud as can be.


Singing “Frosty the Snowman.”

“Shit” We said in unison.

My fella sprang into action.  Cuz we knew.  If they were at the neighbors house.  They would be at ours soon.

Within a few minutes, my fella returned and jumped back under the covers.

“What did you do?”

“I turned off all of the lights so they will think we are gone!!”

“Oh man.  You are so flippin brilliant!!”

Then we put the covers over our heads, held our breath again and waited.  After a bit, I jumped out of bed and quietly tiptoed to the front window of the house.  Looked outside. Coast was clear.

I ran back to bed.

“Whew, that was close!”

“I know!!!”

As we snuggled back down into our cozy spots and got ready to turn the movie back on.  We both looked at each other.

“What is wrong with us???” My fella wondered out loud

“I dunno.” I whispered back while shaking my head. “That would have been a fun way to meet some of our neighbors!”

My fella looked at me.  I looked at him. “Ah well, maybe next year!”

But in reality.  Next year we will do the same thing.

You see, that sorta thing weirds us both out.  It’s like going to a fancy restaurant and having the violin player come over to play at your table.  Totally freaks us both out.  I mean…what do you do?  Continue chatting?  Shut up and watch them?  What do you do with your hands?  Your face?  Do you smile?  Look intent??? It becomes this whole nervous experience…

at least for us.

So maybe we were taking care of ourselves.  Honoring our cozy evening.  Spending quality time together…blah blah blah.

Or maybe we were just being chicken shits.  Maybe we could have thrown on some clothes and stood at the door and joined in the singing.  Wow.  We could have been even more social and invited them in for some hot chocolate or something. Or even better…we could have put on our coats and joined them as they sang for the rest of the neighborhood.


Aint’ gonna happen.

I am gonna stick with the idea that we were having a cozy evening together…snuggled in nice and warm. Taking good care of ourselves and each other during this holiday season~

Merry Christmas to all…

and to all a good night 😉

2 Responses to “Christmas Carolers. Runnnnnnnnnn.”

  1. You crack me up, yet again, Lynne! I love Christmas carolers – and I’m devoutly pagan – even as much as I love it when the high school band practices marching down our street in the summer. And I love, love, love it when the mariachi band plays at our table (the violin restaurants are not our usual stomping grounds, although I’d enjoy that, too). What to do when this happens? I just laugh and sing along if I can. That usually gets everyone moving to the next house or table as quickly as they politely can. I love to group sing any chance I get – even if the tune is miles away from me. Could this be another introvert/extrovert difference?

    Nice job of taking care of yourself, too!

  2. Hey Christine! This is a totally introvert/extrovert thing!!!! My fella is super duper introverted…that whole artist thing. And I am a bit of both. I like to keep my options open 😉

    Figures you would love this whole thing. Remind me NOT to go to a fancy restaurant with you…cuz that would completely freak me out ;O

    Love ya~

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