“Can I help you Miss?”

Yep…he called me “Miss”!  Can you believe it?  I haven’t been called Miss for quite some time.

So, what was that all about?

Did he need his glasses prescription changed?


Was he just being polite?

Hmmmm….not sure.

Did his mom tell him how much women ‘of a certain age’ love being called Miss?


Did he really think I looked like a Miss?

Could be.

Or was it something else…something about me?  Cuz it’s always about me.  Right?!

So, what about me?

I was out and about with my fella having tons o’  fun.

We had just finished a nice walk down by the lake…

We were in a particularly playful mood in the store.  We weren’t playing tag or anything…but, pretty close.

We were smiling and cracking some hilarious jokes with each other.

I had found a super cool binder for my upcoming class….I was very very happy about that :)

Could it have been my expression of  all of this ‘happy happy joy’ vibes?

Whatever it was…and I could continue making stuff up here…when this young fella said what he said…it rang in my brain.

Obviously, it rang for awhile…cuz I am writing about it here.

Interestingly, those 5 words didn’t really make my day…my day was already being made.  It was already a super fun, light-hearted…easy breezy day.  Those words seemed to somehow give witness to the day that was being made.

Two people having fun finding a fun binder…

Two people being young and playful together….

Two people bringing out the best in each other.

Nice :)

3 Responses to “5 words that made my day!”

  1. very nice…..miss is better than MAM or MADAM, or………………SIR.

  2. I agree :)

  3. What a gorgeous post! What a gorgeous day – thanks for sharing. That kind of energy is irrestible and turns the energy “generator” into a hottie. Put that into a bottle and sell it, Miss Lynne!

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