I am very disappointed to tell you that I am now a statistic.  I mean…I have been all year.  I have been in denial about this particular fact.

I have always prided myself in the story that I have experiences that only a small amount of other people have ever had.  And in my crazy made up inner world…I tell myself that I am one of the few to experience so many of them….and still be standing…sorta straight (I do have a bit of a down turn to my shoulders!).   A wee bit of my ego has been tied into this!

I guess what I am trying to say here is that I have never ever ever been a middle of the roader.  Ever.  Not even as a kid.  I tend to be more of a fringe kind of gal.  And yes, I even had a purple fringe suede jacket some years ago that I wore with my fringe moccasin boots.   😉

Today is the one year anniversary of  completing bankruptcy.  We are one of the families…out of a bazillion families (statistically speaking) here in the U.S. who have had to file bankruptcy due to our insurance companies refusal to pay for my surgery.

What’s the buzz word?

We all know it now!


I didn’t know what that meant until a year ago~  Did you?

And with all statistically relevant data we had common conditions:

Yes, we had insurance.  That cost $340 a month for me alone!  With a very high deductable.

Yes, we had the surgery pre-approved.  I called the insurance company.  So did the hospital.

Yes, it was a surgery that was very unexpected.

Yes, the surgery saved my life.

Well, you can guess the rest of the story.


Cuz it is statistically happening all over the country.  Might have even happened to you!

The story is epidemically familiar.

So, now it is a year later.  We are a cash only family.  We have no credit cards.  And what we have is all we have.  Our credit score is 10.  And I hope that we never need surgery again cuz if we do…our new insurance company probably won’t pay for it…though they will pre approve it…and I don’t think we can do another bankruptcy!

And on top of this, I am supposed to get a mammogram.  But, I am afraid to cuz what if there is something wrong?  I mean the insurance people will for sure say that is a pre existing condition…cuz I have had boobs for a long long time.  Not very big ones.  But they are still boobs!

Probably a little too much information.

But, you know what I mean!

Most folks know exactly what I mean!

When we first met with our bankruptcy lawyer (we found an awesome guy to help us!), he told us that though this was a very difficult time for us and a very difficult decision….he said that most people found a way to get back on their feet again.  I liked hearing that.  An optimistic lawyer.  Nice.

So, even though we are a statistic in this very difficult situation….we are also doing just fine.  We are part of the large group of folks that have found a way to get back on their feet.  And we are back on our feet.  We have a little savings.  We have enough for bills.  We were even able to buy new under wear last month!  Sure we have missed some fun experiences: we missed our friends son getting married, I am missing out on a training that would be awesome for me, my fella has missed out on a recording experience…but we get over it…we need a new dishwasher…but, we wash by hand now..and move on.  And again, we are not alone in this.

So, strangely enough…this fringe gal is feeling  part of a whole.  Interesting.  We (my fella and I) are part of a huge movement that is going to change the way insurance companies do business.  This statical relevancy is going to change our health care system (I hope!  Come on all you people in Washington…you can do it!!!).  Our experience is part of a dynamic of change that is sweeping the country.

Who would have thought?

We have become part of a social tipping point.

So, even though we still like fringe….it’s kind of nice to be part of a whole…a whole that is propelling change.

Let me ask ya something….

Where are the places in your life where you are a part of a greater whole?  Those places where you might think you are the fringe…but, maybe you are not so alone after all.

Sharing is always welcome:)


4 Responses to “Statistically Speaking…”

  1. You and your handsome honey are brave, very hard working, full of integrity, smart, dependable, fun, and yes, fringe, even as part of a whole. You two were treated dishonestly and very badly by a corrupt and morally bankrupt system. They are the ones that need to file for bankruptcy. And in the face of this treachery you two stayed honest and clear. To speak out about this is just one more indicator of your courage. Thank you for propelling change. And thank you for being an example of fringy wholeness and resilience.

  2. Ah thanks Christine….I am glad that you were more able to call a spade a spade. I went on a few rants about this but, I deleted them. Didn’t want to go off the deep end. Thanks for writing this. I feel relieved now :) They are morally corrupt. And we are very honest and in integrity :)
    They suck.
    We rule.
    :) Love ya!

  3. yea, THEY are morally bankrupt!

    You will find that this is a good thing in the end. Living on what you earn and not more can be a very gratifying thing. And sorry to tell you, but you aren’t unique in this. In fact, if you google about it you will find networks of people living like this with tips and advice for sure!

    Take care.

  4. Hey Tara~ I know. We are so not alone in this…that is the crazy part. We are one family in millions who have had this happen to them…unflippin believable.

    We were never big spenders…so we didn’t have much credit card debt. I actually like living on what we have. It gets kind of funky when there is something extra though. Like Mike needs tires for his car…stuff like that. But, we always figure it out…and move on.

    We have great resiliency :)

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