As some of you know who read this blog…I have been having a dandy time with writers block.  But, since I don’t really consider myself a writer…even my phone message says “Hi!  This is Lynne Morrell, EFT Practitioner and Personal Life Coach!…it does not say “Hi!  This is Lynne Morrell, EFT Practitioner, Personal Life Coach and Writer!… I have decided that I am just having “Pretend Writer’s Block!”  Or PWB as I like to refer to it while staring at my blank computer screen.

Each morning. I dutifully put in my little wordpress secret code to pull up the innards of my website.  I look to see if anyone has commented on any of my posts…which no one has because I have PWB.  Then I click the button that brings me here.


And I stare.

After staring for what seems to be a million minutes… and listening to wind blowing through my brain…I get up and look out the window.


Nothin out there except the squirrels.  I just can’t write another post about squirrels!  Oh, and there are some bunnies playing on the lawn and eating the tulips…but, I just can’t write about bunnies again  A tiny mouse peeks up at me from the rock wall…nah…can’t write about you again either!  The mouse scurries off.

Then my fella will come in and see that I am staring off blankly into the distance…not writing…and will kindly ask “DO you want another cappuccino?”  Which I excitedly reply “Yay!!!  I would love that!!!”  Anything to end this mental check mate.

My fella and I see the world in very similar ways.  Think rorschach inkblots.  If I see a viking ship in the clouds…he can see it .  If he sees the image of Jerry Garcia in some rain drops on the window…I see it too.  We see all sorts of images in all sorts of places.  This maybe the result of too many hallucinogens in our younger years…but, I like to think that this is because we are made for each other…kindred souls…that kind of thing!

We like to play this game with our cappuccinos.  My fella will steam up the milk, then pour in the espresso and then we both stand over the cup to see what image shows itself.  We always see the same thing.  One morning we saw a coyote howling at the moon. Another morning we saw a ship heading towards Saturns rings.  This morning it was an image of our dog sitting up looking at the sun.

It’s this weird, cozy, fun little moment that we share together.

Then he heads off to his studio and I go back to my office.

I love these little moments that make up the morning.  And even though I might sit and stare at my blank computer screen… I will sip on my coffee and look for new images to emerge and I feel all warm and cozy inside.

So, how about you?  What are your favorite moments of your morning?  The ones that happen often and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…if only for just a moment!

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  1. Whatever works for whoever we are…

  2. :)

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