It has been  crazy over here.

Absolutely crazy!

Cuz I have a new drug.

And like any other drug when used to the extent that I am using it… can make one feel hung over.  And irritable. Irritable if I do it too much…irritable if I don’t.  I am also barely noticing that things are falling to the wayside.  Or is that whey side?  I feel very anti social and I just want to be left alone…thank you very much!  I forget to eat and I just can’t be bothered makin any one else food…cuz really who cares?  And I haven’t left the house in days.  I am also wearing the same jammies and underwear that I was in this last weekend.  I think.  I am not sure.  The details are kind of blurry.

And like other addictions, this one is someone else’s fault.

Of course it is!!!

Who is the horrible person that turned me down the path of this mind numbing and time consuming addiction?


Yep.  It’s Rue’s fault.

She turned me on to this new drug.

“Try these” she said “It will be really great!  You will love it!”

I never imagined when I joined her “Re imagining your Life” group…that this is what my life would become.

But, here it is.

This is my new re imagined life!!!

I jump out of bed in the morning…check my email…hoping that a bunch of clients are needing to cancel.  Pour myself a huge bowl of coffee…and what the heck…a glass of wine.  For later.  Cuz who can be bothered to get up and get one later in the afternoon.  Oops. I mean…later in the evening! And then I find the perfect spot.  Sometimes it is outside in the sun on the deck.  Sometimes it is the rocker in the indoor-outdoor room.  Sometimes I curl up on the couch…sometimes I just plop down on the floor.  And then I pick up my drug….hold it in my hand….open it up…and then….bliss~

Off to the highlands.

I guess this would be a good spot to blame the author as well.  So, damned you Diana Gabaldon!!!!  Your books are too frickin awesome!!!!  Your Outlander Series is so amazing!  I can’t even stop reading to bathe anymore!!!I don’t have a life any more cuz you are such a good writer!!!  This totally sucks.  AND THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!! And because I am a wee bit late to this fabulous collection of books (each book runs about 750 pages) I can read them all!!!  There are 7!!!!  And I am on number 3.

So there you have it.

And really, I gotta go. I have spent to much time writing this blog.  My dealer should be by soon too.  The fella in brown…with the brown truck.  He will be bringing me the last 4 books in the series.

See ya.  I probably won’t be back here for a few more weeks.

Hope you have a groovy day!


6 Responses to “My new drug of choice.”

  1. Hey, Lynne. This gave me a big smile inside and out. I couldn’t imagine what drug Rue would have encouraged you to try. Ah, yes, The Outlander series. The first was by far one of my favorite books. So glad to hear how you are re-imagining your life. ENJOY.

  2. Hey Martha! Thanks for stopping by :) Now I am re-imagining my life with some big brawny highlander dude! Nah…not really…I love the fella that I married:) I am on book #3 and I am still lovin all of it. Yep. I am hooked! Have a dandy day:)

  3. Wait til you see THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION!!! You will O.D. !!!! OMG, right there with you as are my sisters. I am actually purchasing, yes, buying, paying money, for these books! I have read them all….and I’m sad! :( But no, I will read them all over again, just gotta purchase, buy, pay money for the first one…I used the library ones ,but I need my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh yes Tara!!!! You gotta have your own :) These are must own books…I can tell that I will read them over and over and over…until the weeds have taken over everything!
    Love ya :)

  5. OMG–I ADORE Diana Gabaldon. I generally read in bed and her hard cover books are so heavy I have to get up and go back to the living room to read and then it’s very, very, very late when I get to bed. I think I’ve ready the first 4 and I don’t remember what frustrating thing happened to stop the momentum but now I have to order the next one from the library. Ooh, I wonder how much it would cost for the Kindle version! That’s light enough to hold when I’m in a reclining position! I must dash to see if it’s within my recreation budget this month. 😉

  6. Hey Cynthia~ I am re-reading these books and just bought them for my kindle 😉 Nice and light…which is much easier for nightly reading :) Love it~

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