Since I haven’t written a blog post in a bazillion years….I was going to give you a quick update.  I wrote for a while about this and that.

And I just deleted it.

Then I was going to share some fun little experiences that I have had lately…just to make you smile :) I wrote for a bit…

And I just deleted that too.

Now what?

I am not sure how to come back to blogging.  I have lots of great stuff to chat about.  I have some cool tools to share.  I have some interesting thoughts about some interesting things.

I want to show up like an old friend that you haven’t talked to in a long time…and it feels like no time has passed. But instead,  I feel a little bit more awkward than that.  So, awkward in fact…that it took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to log in to my blog!  Instead of feeling comfy umfy…I feel squirmy…distracted… and frustrated that I feel so squirmy and distracted.   So, here I am feeling awkward and totally NOT in the grove.  I feel a sense of the groove…but, it is kind of over there a bit…rather than right here at my finger tips.  The groove has been hangin out over there for awhile. I have been waiting for it to come closer…and hence (yes! I said hence)…the months have passed by.  

I am attempting to jump start this groove. I am attempting to align with that comfy, grove kind of place when writing felt fun, creative and expressive.  But, maybe that is too much…too fast.  I can feel the energy start to rise up…and then it goes back to its spot.  Right over there. 

What I do know is that I enjoy writing.  I have lots of good stuff to share.  I enjoy being in the groove.  I love when I write something funny.  I love the co-creative nature of this medium.  And I love that I can do this in whatever way I want to…total creative freedom.  My kind of gig.

I want to approach this differently then I initially thought.  I thought that if I could just start to write…I would get back into the flow and brilliance would be right there at my finger tips.   Well… I guess that was a wee bit of  magical thinking.  I think that I need more of a warm up.  Keep the awareness of what is enjoyable about this process while honoring that it is feeling hard and awkward…and do it anyway.  Gulp!

Yes folks!  We have another paradox!  I keep running into them 😉

I can feel that my energy is starting to dwindle.  So, I am going to go have some lunch.  Peanut butter and Jam always makes this sort of thing feel better!

Until next time… something to ponder if you feel inspired:  Is there a place in your life where you feel the desire to move towards something…and the awareness of how hard it is to get into the groove of the doing of that something?  Want to join me in this awkward kind of dance?

From one awkward human to you :)  Have a good rest of your day~~




6 Responses to “Hi. Remember me?”

  1. Well, I’m glad you didn’t delete this, too!

    I have another blog that I haven’t posted in since 2008. But I have some things brewing in me that seem to want to go into that blog and not the one you know. One day I’ll just pick up where I left off, ignoring that nagging sensation that the first post after a gazillion year hiatus must be a … er, sensation.

    Anyway, just jump right in! Aim for success, not perfection.

  2. Freshman year in high school out english teacher, Ms. Abbot, had us do ‘Daily Writings’. We had to do it first thing every time we came into the class room. We got 5 or ten minutes, can’t remember….so, Lynne. You should do ‘Daily Typings’. Even if its ten minutes, get those fingers TAPPING those keys. :)

  3. Thanks Tara! That’s what I was thinking of too~ Little by little…inch by inch..step by step 😉

  4. Great to see you back. I haven’t posted on my blog for a long time. It’s been a busy several months. You’ve inspired me to try to get back into it.

  5. Well, Lynne, you know me–I’m not all that great at not moving towards things, my problem sometimes arises in follow-through. I’m generally much better with the big things than the small ones, thus the move to Ecuador. I’m glad you’re back. I’ve missed your posts.

  6. thanks for all of these awesome comments :). Let’s see if I can keep this going…and if I can start writing in my funny way. Not quite there yet-

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