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Lynne has the unique ability to blend her gifts of intuition, humor, compassion, and straightforwardness into a powerful method for helping people make subtle but profound shifts in a very short period of time. In a gentle, no-nonsense way, she guides her clients into experiences of deep self-awareness and an ever growing sense of self-love and self-acceptance. Her work is like an intuitive reading, coaching session, and psychotherapy all rolled into one amazing hour of positive, powerful perception shifting.

Lauri Pointer
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner & Instructor

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Lynne helped me navigate through a particularly prolonged, highly emotionally charged period of my life. She gave me the tools I needed to remain grounded and not become bogged down by the minutia of the moment. Lynne’s interventions allowed me to emerge from my “nightmare” emotionally intact and liking the person I’ve evolved into.

For myself, Lynne proved to be my “Calgon Moment.”

Lisa Hart

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I am thankful for Lynne Morrell’s amazing, intuitive, healing talents. I am a more empowered, aligned, confident, relaxed, and successful after working with her since June, 2004.

My sessions with Lynne started shortly after I began battling horrific migraines. Due to my migraines, I experienced extreme physical pain, isolation, depression, loss of various senses, insomnia, mental haze, diminished self-worth, and confidence. Lynne patiently worked with me during this arduous and lonely time in my life. I learned a year later that my migraines and related symptoms were due to carbon monoxide exposure from the house I was renting.

While recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning, I encountered a slew of other challenges. Without Lynne’s help during my recovery, I would not be the healthy, strong, and resilient woman I have learned to embody to this day. Thank you Lynne!

She continues to coach me with kind, insightful words, equip me with valuable tools and techniques I use daily, supports me endlessly, and never fails to make me laugh.

Her patience and gentle nudging to try EFT was a success! At first, I struggled with EFT, actually loathed the suggestion to utilize this technique in our sessions. I love EFT now! Please try it!

Years of traditional mental health therapy soured me on the concept of someone truly being able to help me. From my first session with Lynne, I never felt judged, pressured, or misled by her. I am comfortable sharing my secrets and private thoughts with her. She is my biggest cheerleader, and I am one of her biggest fans!

She is magic, pure light and love…blessed with talents that only glitter, peace, and divinity can define properly. She is a strong, lovely woman and a brilliant healer.

Erin Doty
Fort Collins, CO

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“This is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.” And so begins my unsolicited testimonial to friends about Lynne and her work using EFT. Perhaps my friends have been moved by my enthusiasm (which might at times approach that of a religious zealot) or perhaps they’re just curious, but based on the fact that we continue to work with Lynne, week after week, suggests that it has more to do with her unique approach and effectiveness at using EFT to guide people through the rough spots in their lives. Now, I’m no amateur at this therapy thing. I’ve used several methods at various points during my life. Some have helped, while others haven’t. But what amazes me about Lynne and EFT is the way that Lynne can connect with you, immediately, right where you are, re-frame your situation, in her goofy and irreverent way, and help you get your bearings. She is great at reflecting you back to yourself gently. And her insights are profound! Each session leaves me with a new nugget of understanding about myself. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’ve felt significant shifts in the way I perceive myself, my situation, and thus, in the way I perceive my world. Though I’m dealing with chronic fatigue and am simultaneously doing numerous things physically to help my sweet body, I feel that this is the anchor of my comeback!

Erin Bisenius

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I just wanted to say a huge, huge, huge thank you from Sydney, Australia. My sessions with you have been nothing short of life changing, in a positive way and totally profound. Lynne, I have found you to be so gifted in what you offer; you are like a rare diamond. The positive transformations I have experienced working with you have been nothing short of spectacular. Your shining light draws out the best in all your clients. You gently guide me with your humanity, compassion, loving support, and your delightful sense of humour. I always will recommend you to any walking wounded I find or anyone just wanting a more positive direction in their life.

Thanks a billion Lynne!

Dominique Vines
Sydney, Australlia

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Yes, EFT is a healing tool to process sorrows, self-defeating habits or traumas – yes, EFT is a great tool – and I’m sooooo glad to have learned about it from Lynne. Yes. But here I’d like to talk about LYNNE – and how she utilizes EFT. How this particular practitioner helps me use the EFT tool is such a gift to my life. She directs our sessions together to illuminate how I can heal/adjust and how to identify that I’ve headed off a good path down a dark hole, a cycling of old habits, again. I am so grateful for “how” she uses EFT – with spunkiness, with charm, with flair, with profound compassion, as a role model for joy. If I were to use sports imagery, I would liken her to an archer of world-class level because she is so alert, so precise, so gifted with identifying how my words or thoughts are a vibration or an alignment that is healthy for me – or not. We work EFT together with an effectiveness and ultimate nurturance that I value very deeply.

Jean Lesmeister

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I worked with Lynne for approximately 3 years. Lynne and I have very different spiritual beliefs, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I’m very devout. There were many times that my point of view needed further explanation. Lynne would ask questions in a very respectful way and really tried to understand where I was coming from, that was very important to me and I always felt understood. I soon discovered that truths transcend every belief, we only say them differently.

Lynne is very good at listening. She picked up on many clues to help me help myself. She would ask questions in such a way that forced me to see the situation through what I was bringing to it. I still ask myself what I’m getting or wanting from the troubles in my life and try to focus on what I can change, much to my husbands relief.

The skills I learned from Lynne were positive changes in me that have made me a better wife, mother, sister and daughter; a better Me. Life is constantly giving us opportunities to grow, learning ways to be proactive rather than reactive make all the difference. I learned from Lynne that a new perspective can make a huge difference, and sometimes that’s all we need.

I haven’t worked with Lynne for a year or so, but feel that what I did learn and continue to practice has made good, permanent changes in me. I do know that when, and if, I feel I need Lynne’s direction again she is there.

Mishie Daknis

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Lynne has a gift of gently guiding people to their own truth, in just the right doses at just the right times.

I have known Lynne for twenty years. We met when our oldest sons were babies. When our children were young she shared tools of parenting with me (she was teaching parenting classes to single mothers back then). What would I have done with out the afternoon quiet times she introduced me to? They became an essential part of our family’s routine, keeping mom and home peaceful.

Now, how blessed I am to have Lynne share her skills as Life coach, EFT and LEAP Practitioner with me. She has helped me keep calm and perspective through raising teenagers. Working with Lynne, using LEAP and EFT exercises, gives me understanding and compassion towards myself. I use the EFT exercises often, as they consistently bring calm into the midst of a day.

Through my challenges with chronic illness and chronic pain, what Lynne has taught me helps me through the toughest times, reminding me to be gentle to myself, reminding me that I am not this illness.

I think of soft illumination when I think of Lynne. Having Lynne share in my life’s journey is like having a friend with a flash light and a GPS unit walk beside me.”

Kerry Ryan-Kuhn

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TO: A friend in the universe and those seeking joy

I enjoy giving thanks for the cool things in my life and even (of course) find it therapeutic. Even when things are a bit of a “drag”, I find it useful to focus on these “gifts.” It is for this reason that I have been meaning to write a brief testimonial for Lynne Morrell. Unfortunately, it is difficult sometimes to put something so important…so beneficial…so inspiring…into words. But I think of it everyday… so I better give it a shot!

When I met Lynne in 1999 I was in a bit of a mess. Not to bore you with details, but I want to give you a brief understanding…I was in the midst of a significant career change (absolutely hated my successful corporate job!) My father had just died of an early life case of Alzheimer’s, which, in addition to the great loss, scared and stressed the heck out of me (as a potential candidate) as well. I was in the midst of a nasty divorce and was immensely concerned with the well being of my two dear children. Ugly, ugly, ugly. (To say the least!!!)

I had the first of two major surgeries to heal a broken neck. My ski days were numbered. (Another great loss, as I was a life-long skier who had just completed building my dream home, only minutes from the lift.) I was in the midst of 16 months of physical therapy. Finances plummeted. For some reason, I got the notion that I needed a strategies coach, but oddly, had never even heard of one before. Meeting Lynne was a “miracle.”

Now to make a long story short: I highly and unequivocally recommend Lynne Morrell! She is incredibly wise, gifted, strong, funny, and down-right amazing. (I hope she prints this!) She might not feel like letting me brag so much about her, but I really think you should give coaching with Lynne a try. I think if I can steer just one other person her way, I will be helping to make the world a better place. Seriously.

Instead of being very depressed that I have difficulty with stairs, I find joy in saying to myself “Hey, its cool that there’s an elevator here! (And that’s pretty significant from a hard core skier who just had a third knee surgery and was finally forced to retire!) And wow, my opportunities are WIDE OPEN. I have switched careers into Landscape Architecture and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree. (I always wanted to design and absolutely love working with plants, but the growing scene here in Sun Valley is quite limited however, due to climate.) I wondered how I could ever live not being at a ski area…now I am so excited to explore different exciting parts of the world.(currently looking at opportunities in Brazil, Texas, Australia, New York etc…I would have never thought…)

Lynne really helped me in so many ways. It is absolutely too tough to put those into words. She really helps one to discover ones self. My son is now “out of the nest” and enjoying life skiing in Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee. My amazing daughter lives with me full time. (I am amazed and absolutely filled with gratitude!)

I carry bits of Lynne’s wisdom with me everyday, everywhere I go, and will do so the rest of my life (and even beyond). Let me recommend with confidence, this truly great life strategies coach. (If I had my way, I’d call her a teacher/leader/healer/ spiritual guide/saint/amazing person.) I’m satisfied however, just calling her an amazing friend. (Have I used the word “amazing” too much today? I think not.) Again, her gifts are too numerous to mention. Writing about the ways she has helped me would require several books, and I wanted to get this out. Besides, words alone would not do justice…if only you could feel the “shifts” that I have… (And of course you will!)

If I can provide any further recommendation, please feel free to contact me at e-mail provided below. Peace and joy!

Most sincerely,

Robert Farnsworth
email Robert

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Lynne is not just an amazing EFT practitioner. She also brings extensive training as a Life Coach, LEAP practitioner, and hypnotherapist, using these different therapies alone and together. Working with Lynne, even amidst emotional turmoil, is always a pleasure because of her humanity. She understands physical pain and emotional trauma, her intuition often recognizes issues before I do, and her wonderful, sometimes wacky humor makes everything a little more bearable. I highly recommend her and will be forever grateful for my sessions with her.

Nanette Littlestone

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Lynne really cuts to the chase and makes you feel comfortable and at ease with yourself and the process. Her knowledge and background help you see how you can fully apply it. In working with our family over the years she’s helped me to miraculously manifest a new job in a month when times seemed very stacked against it. My wife works with her on many needs which she’s gotten tremendous results where traditional talk therapy would take time. One of the best results, however, came from each of our daughters with a morbid fear of classrooms and one with an equally large issue around getting to sleep for school out of fear of school. Lynne has worked with both girls to help them overcome their issues without the classic blocks teens have where they don’t always “know” what they are feeling. Lynne also has a very keen knack of reaching through to teenagers. Andra and I would highly recommend her.

Mark Drennan

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I have been working with Lynne for about a year and a half, and I have received from her nothing but excellent EFT coaching. She is very skillful, knowledgeable, intuitive, compassionate, creative, open-minded, non-judgmental, inspirational, caring, trustworthy, passionate, spiritual, with a great sense of humor…. Wow! I could make a list of at least a hundred wonderful qualities that she has as a human being and an EFT practitioner. I would recommend her to anybody in the whole world (I wanted to say who speaks English but she would probably find a way to overcome even a language barrier) who would like to try if EFT works for him or her.

Ella Prejzner

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I have been working with Lynne for the past 4 years, and the changes she has helped me create in my life have been nothing short of amazing for me. She is incredibly intuitive, wise, compassionate, and a blast to work with! When I first started working with Lynne everything about my life looked pretty good on the outside, but on the inside I felt like I was a mess.

She and I have used EFT to shift, clear, and heal obstacles in my life that I had always thought before were insurmountable. I had so many fears and questions, and until I met Lynne I’d never found anyone who understood them and could help me soothe them. I am always excited to see what we’re going to try EFT on next, because the results of our sessions together are always better than anything I could’ve imagined.

One of Lynne’s specialties is supporting people living with a chronic illness. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and her understanding of what I’m going through, and gentle reminders to be kind and nurturing to myself no matter what have been invaluable in helping me work through this latest stage of my life.

Lynne has a seemingly infinite capacity for compassion, understanding, and love and the uncanny ability to “bust” me every time a little “reality check” is needed as well. It is a privilege to be her client.

Jenny Ryan

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The work Lynne and I have done together has been the most astoundingly successful work I’ve ever done on getting me from where I was to where I am and we got there so much faster than I had ever thought possible.  We work with a lot of different things but the EFT is the one that seems to get the fastest and most lasting results.  I have a hard time believing how much I’ve changed and grown since we started working together.


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