Reconnecting With The Self

One of the key elements in reclaiming your life is to develop a strong relationship with your Self. This sounds so simple and yet many people are in conflict because they have a limited relationship with their inner world. They are driven by external forces and lead lives through others. They wake up in the morning, and hit the floor running: take a shower, get the kids up, say a brief “hello” to their partners, eat some breakfast (maybe). get the kids to school, get to work, spend the next 8 hours doing stuff that they may love or not, pick the kids up, take them to various activities, get home, sigh, prepare dinner, do some laundry, and then, then they crash if they haven’t already! They watch TV, or stare at one page in the novel they have been trying to read for the last two weeks, it is then time to sleep, yeah! Then they wake up and do it again! Does any of this sound familiar?

The problem with a life so packed with “doing” is there is absolutely no time for “being”. I love the statement “We are human Beings, not human doings.” The only way to develop a strong relationship with your Self is to spend timeĀ with yourself. So, that said, let us explore some solutions.

Let’s say that your life looks similar to the life described above. There are many creative ways to etch out time for your self. One option is to start out small. For example, after dropping the kids off rather than putting on the radio and thinking about the next thing that you need to do, get quiet instead. Ask yourself “How am I feeling right now?”. If you are feeling anxious about the day, notice and acknowledge this. This brings your attention inward. This brings you into the present. Take some deep conscious breaths; notice your inner world and then bring your focus to your outer world. Notice the colors around you. Notice the textures of your clothing. Notice the sounds that you hear. Now, bring your attention back to your inner world again, and ask yourself “How am I feeling in this present moment?” The nifty thing about doing this is it takes only a few minutes, and this few minutes is a wonderful way to reconnect with the Self.

Now, would you be willing to do this a few times a day? Would you be willing to spend 5 minutes reconnecting with yourself 6 times today? That is 30 minutes! Doing this is a great way to create some space with your self!

As you begin the process of giving yourself permission to “Be” you will notice subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes. You may begin to notice when you are pumped up on adrenaline. You may notice what brings you moments of joy. You may notice those people in your life that energize you verses those people that are draining. You may begin to feel some clarity around what works in your life and what may need some transformation. If you feel the need for some support, ask a neutral friend, talk to your partner, or give me a jingle. Developing a relationship with your inner being is a powerful step towards reclaiming your life.


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