Tapping into Personal Motivation

Does the word “Motivation” have a charge for you? Do you notice that when you get ready to begin certain projects curious personal behaviors emerge? Have you noticed the desire to stop reading this article altogether? This topic can be a bit overwhelming. How many of us have listened to “motivational speakers” and wanted someone to just, oh, I don’t know, shush them up!!! Or how about reading books on motivation and finding that you don’t even have the motivation to finish the book? As a human and a coach this issue comes up often. The common thread is that many of us have behaviors that seem to undermine the desire to complete something that we really want to do.

I looked up the word “motivation” in my dictionary and could not find a definition. I was going to leave it at that and thought, “Well, since I am writing an article on this subject, I probably could be a bit more thorough” (a curious behavior of mine is sometimes giving up too quickly!). So, I read further and found the definition for “motivate”.

Motivate : To provide with a motive

This was interesting, though this did not say much. I read further. I was becoming more motivated now to find a definition that I could work with to make this an interesting and exciting article that would inspire readers! Here was the next definition:

Motive : An inner urge that prompts a person to action with a sense of purpose.

Much better! So there is an “inner urge” and a “sense of purpose”, and the only part that can hinder us is the “action”. Let’s play with this a bit. The first step is to notice the “inner urge”. Maybe you have an inner urge to clean out your closet, or paint a wall a different color, or write a book. Give this urge a voice. Maybe you could write about it, talk about it, or read about it.

The next step is to get clear about what this “sense of purpose” is for you. Maybe the clutter in your house is driving you nuts and you are tired of feeling crazy. Your purpose for painting may be that your walls were painted “dusty rose” in the 80’s and you just want to bring in a more modern feel. The book? Well, that has been a secret dream for years and the purpose is to share something with the world that is uniquely you.

Now it’s time to get clear about what needs to be in place in order for you to take “action”. Maybe you need more time set aside, or some money saved. For larger projects finding supportive people to talk to may be helpful. Maybe you need an organized space for creativity. Being honest with yourself about what needs to be in place will support you in taking that action that could make your life a lot less crazy, a lot more modern and a lot more creative.

Take some time to release the charge around how you motivate, and watch yourself move into action. Enjoy the process!

If you want some support with all of this fabulous inner urge, sense of purpose or action…let’s do some coaching and some EFT~  Give me a call for a complementary session!


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