The Key to Peace

“Think thoughts that make you feel good. Think thoughts, say words and do things that resonate with who you really are.with that broader, wiser, securer part of you. Then your feelings of Well-being, your feelings of worthiness, your feeling of value becomes very real to you. Then you have something to offer the world.” Abraham-Hicks 1/8/91

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus your energy on will grow larger. That which is like itself is drawn. So, let’s look at this in the light of world events. Are you focusing on peace or are you focusing on war? Are your conversations of world events leaving you feeling good or bad? Are you putting your focus on what you want or on what you don’t want? Notice where you are putting your attention.

Let’s take this a step further. Take a moment to get centered and quiet. Now ask yourself; “What do I want?” “What do I want for this planet?” Notice what words, pictures, and feelings come up for you. Whatever comes up notice if you feel good or bad when you think of what you want. Focus your attention on the aspects that feel good. Bring the essence of what you want into your internal experience.

For example; if you want peace in the world, focus on feeling peaceful yourself. Do you treat yourself with unconditional love and compassion, or do you beat yourself up with critical thoughts? Do you spend time with your kids in joy and play, or do you spend time nagging and yelling? Do you create a positive connection with your partner by being open and listening fully, or do you hold on to your opinions until the bitter end? Focus and acknowledge the times that you choose peace over conflict. Focus and acknowledge when you experience peace internally and in your external world.

“If we are going to experience peace we need to notice each act of peace however small. As we notice and ignite our sense of internal peace, our actions then reflect peace and those actions will influence the whole. If we are going to experience world peace we must start with ourselves and BE peace.”

—Sarah Hartzell, founder of Circles of Ten Women for World Peace.

I recently joined a local Circle of Ten. As a group we focus on outrageous acts of peace. We are supporting each other in remembering how to focus on peace rather than discuss our fears about war. Circles of Ten is a grass roots, peace activism, and leadership training movement whose intention is to facilitate personal, interpersonal and global peace. The idea is to energize what you want. Create a clear vision of what you want and begin experiencing this internally. Then begin attending to it in your day to day life. Then broaden the vision and attend to where you can find this vibration in the world.

If you are interested in Sarah speaking at an event, facilitating a group or starting your own circle of ten, please contact her @ 303-494-6503.


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