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This last weekend my fella and I went to the Denver Botanical Gardens and saw a concert with David Bromberg quartet and Jerry Douglas.  The Denver Botanical Gardens are absolutely amazing and gorgeous.  Within the gardens is an amphitheater…a grassy area with a cool stage (click on the link above if ya wanna check it out).  During the summer they offer a concert series.  Love this!!!

Anyway…we got there early and found a perfect spot to wait on line in the shade.  We enjoyed sitting in our little beach chairs, chatting about this and that and just enjoying being together.  At around 6:00 pm…the line began to move and we were let into the gardens.  We followed the mob…a couple of guys said to each other that they were hurrying to get their perfect spot.  Since they seemed like experts…we were hot on their heels! 

In quick pursuit we hit the grassy area…and flip….up I go…and down I fell!  Yep!  I fell DOWN ON THE GRASS and slid down a ways.  You see, the grassy hill headed down…and I guess…so did I!  Well, as I got up…poor Mike was like "Oh my god…I can’t believe you fell!"  UH thanks man!  As I got up…feeling like at total goof ball, I looked down at my knees and saw that there was a huge grass stain on each knee.  Okay…know I felt like a ten year old boy goof ball!!!!!!! 

Can’t take me anywhere!

Well, needless to say…we lost the fellas that we were following who knew "the perfect spot."  So, we found our own.  Great spot.  Good view…nice folks around us.  Fabulous! 

We had seen on the Botanical Gardens website that there was no alcohol…so, we didn’t think we could bring anything in.  As we sat there, we noticed that most folks had brought fun snacks and bottles of wine with glasses and all sorts of goodies.  Oh well, we had our water:)  Next year we will be better prepared!

People were so prepared…people had wine, dip, crackers, salmon, fried chicken…all sorts of stuff…in little baskets with little perfect sized containers.  It reminded me of times when I would hang out with other moms when my boys were young.  You know the moms that have the perfect little plastic bag that fits the perfect little snack?  Or they have the Tupperware containers that fit the sand which just perfectly?  Well, I wasn’t one of those moms.  I always brought the kids goodies…but it was more like a couple apples in the bottom of my purse with the whole box of fish crackers. 

Ah well…some people just got the snack thing down…and some don’t!

Back to the story….

As we sat there in total awe of the snack people…clouds started to form and then we had some very loud thunder…and then right on its heals…lightening.  We all just hung out…in the open…yes, in the open…and watched the light show. 

Soon someone came to the microphone and said that we all had to get inside because the storm cell was right on top of us.  And since we were all obviously to stupid to get inside…they had to say something! The concert was going to be postponed until this past.

So, we all streamed into the gift shop and information area.  People had their wine bottles and glasses and we had our water.  It was such a party! 

As Mike and I walked around, we heard some folks grumbling…things like:

"We better get a refund!" 
"Figures the weather would screw this up!"
"This sucks…what a fricken drag that this….."   We didn’t hear the rest!

But for some reason…we were having a great time.  Stained pants, old warm sad water…it was a fun time.  Many people agreed.  Many people were obviously enjoying themselves. 

Watch out when those Botanical Garden people get buzzed….things get really rowdy!

So, what was up with the fussy budgets?  Did a lightning storm really have that kind of power to ruin their time?  I guess so!

After about an hour…the storm passed and the musicians got ready to play.  We went back to our perfect spot…where I proceeded to sit on my perfect beach chair…that was perfectly soaked with water.  Well, not for long because my pants absorbed most of that water!  So, now I had grass stained pants and a very wet butt.  Mike just looked at me…with I think a look of pity…not sure…and smiled.  Oh, and shook his head. 

Can’t take me anywhere!

Since there was only an hour left (there was a noise ordinance)…Dave Bromberg and Jerry Douglas decided to combine their bands and play together.  It was lots of fun!  Very light hearted and spontaneous.  These men are fantastic musicians and have really fun energy.  Loved it!

When the show was over…we headed out to our car.  We had asked directions to the freeway from someone earlier so, off we went.  I was leaning on Mike as he drove and we were talking about how much fun we had…I was wondering if I would be more comfortable taking my soaking wet pants off…when we realized that the directions were wrong.  We were totally lost.  Finally we found someone to point us in the right direction and off we went again.  We arrived home about a half hour later then we thought we would…happy and content. 

I got into my jammies and Mike poured us a glass of wine.  As I was spraying stain remover onto the knees and butt of my pants…I wondered what makes a good time…a good time?

The fussy budgets obviously were not happy with the situation!
The Botanical Garden party animals were have a fantastic time…no matter what the situation!
We were having a blast despite the situation!

I guess its all a choice.  We were just in a fab space and nothing…not even a wet butt was gonna ruin our time! 

So, how about you? 

Think about the last time that you were out and about. 
What made it a fun time? 
If you had a rotten time…what was that about? 

If you look at this close enough, you will start to become aware of the choices that you were internally making.  You will start to become aware of the stories that you were telling yourself about your experiences. 

It is truly all in our heads!

Even though this may be true…I think next time I go to a show…I will wear dark pants…just in case!

Bye for now!

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  1. About two weeks ago, on a Friday night…we (my hubby, my two daughters, one of their friends, and I) were in this situation, wanting to get out and have fun and my chronic illness was not going to let me go out anywhere.
    We felt disappointed, sat around grumpy for a bit, then….

    We pulled out the Monopoly board and my hubby, my oldest daughter and I (all competive) started playing, serious….and giggling like crazy…as my tired brain couldn’t keep track of anything, I kept having to lay down between turns…and still I was trying to win, and of course my hubby and daughter were trying to win…

    And then the wind started to blow,
    the rain started to pour and we looked up from the Monopoly board and out the front window. My youngest daughter who hates to play Monopoly but loves to walk in the rain…was doing just that with her friend (they are both fifteen)…when a “hot” teenage boy who they’d admired for years came out from his house to ride his bike in the rain.

    Us Monopoly players laughed as we watched the “rain dance” between the three of them. (the avoidance, the just missing each other, the secretly eyeing eachother). It took approximately an hour for the three of them (now totally drenched) to finally introduce themselves, sit down on the curb, talk and start to get to know eachother.

    Then the girls came in and dried off. We all sat down in the family room and listened to songs that my oldest daughter downloaded, songs by Kansas and Journey ( ie. Carry on my Wayward Son)…songs that I loved and are now some of their favorites. I’m not able to sing much due to a weak diaphram, but I sang in my whisper and swayed as I could, and had the best time “rockin” out with my girls.

    If I put together a time capsule I’d put the memory of that evening in it…precious, priceless…Perhaps because it was totally unexpected…..

    and perhaps Lynne, there’s a little magic in rain storms…

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