Well folks…still dizzy…actually my fabulous friend Andra pointed out that it wasn’t called being "dizzy"…it is called "HAVING VERTIGO!"   Okay…okay…okay!  So I have a really bad case of vertigo.  I tend to minimize health issues because I compare EVERYTHING to the symptoms of IC. 

I had pnemonia a couple of years ago…thought it was just a chest cold.  Couldn’t get rid of the damned thing and decided maybe…just maybe I should go to the doctor.  Well, the doctor looked at me in horror and said I had pnemonia and it was nothing to take lightly!  Uh…OKAY!!!!   Sorry dude….I didn’t know!

So, back to the now! 

I have very severe Vertigo…I went to the doctors yesterday and she even wrote "SEVERE VERTIGO" on my prescrition.  Well, all I can say is "WOW! VERTIGO SUCKS!"  I can’t get anything done.  Even typing this is making my head spin.  So, without futher ado…here is another fun quiz to play with:


Have fun and I have to lay down again!!!!!
Crap!  Crap! Crap!

Have a stable day!
Spinnin’ in Colorado

2 Responses to “Im so dizzy, my head is spinnin’…part 2”

  1. Talk about timing. Personal Development Parners is up and running again. This morning Patricia contacted me about the master mind group that you and I were discussing before PDP went down. I told her that I had lost contact with you but, am still interested in forming a master mind group.

    Then as I was adding the latest additions to The Personal Development List I found that you have been tagged for the list. I would love for you to participate. ((See my site for details, there is a button in the side bar that will take you to the list),and if your still interested in the mastermind group let me know))

  2. Good luck with the Vertigo, I had a severe case of it when I was pregnant with my daughter. It does suck but, at least it is not permanant (I have heard that most women get it at some point in their lives and that it is not likely to ever come back once you’ve had it.)

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