Hello Hello Hello!
Anyone out there?
Anyone reading this?

I haven’t visited many blogs lately so I decided to have my cup o’ coffee with some of my favorites.  Some were good…some were really…really good!  Many of the posts had a gazillion comments!  How come I don’t get a gazillion comments? 

I decided to look back on posts that got a bunch of comments. 
By "bunch of comments" I mean 10!  And that only happened with one post!

Now, I am not fussin’ at you… I am more curious about what inspires you to comment.  As I did my scientific research this morning, I found that the funny blogs are the ones that get the most comments.  Not the ones on self exploration.

Why is that?

Then I spent some time thinking about what inspires me to comment on other blogs. 

I like when the topic is something that I can relate too.  I also love hilarious posts and comment frequently on those.  When a blog post is concerning a more self exploratory perspective, I may not comment because I want to think about what the person said.  Then, I forget to post something.  When I do remember and go back to the post, the writer has moved on to other cool topics and I move on with them….forgetting once again to comment on the prior post that I had been thinking about.

As I sit here pondering this, I realize that I have no clue what inspires you to comment or not to comment.  My research this morning is faulty at best!  It concludes nothing!

But, what I know is that I enjoy writing about the humorous things we humans do…in the day to day and I also love writing posts that explore the deeper places within us all.

I also am aware that when I receive comments, I have much more fun.  I feel like someone is out there actually reading this….and I also love conversation.  I love when someone can personally relate to something I wrote…or gets a good laugh over something I wrote.  That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So, what is my point in writing all of this? 

As I sit here with this, I realize that much of my life is spent in doing things that have no direct feedback.  I don’t know if what I say or do has any impact.  But, having said this, part of me is more interested in the act of the contribution.  This part of me connects with the inspiration and that inspiration gets sent out into the world. 

I used to run a counseling program in a high school.  Talk about not getting much feedback, especially from the administration.  But, the kids kept coming back…which is feedback in itself.  Once in awhile one of these kids contacts me.  I LOVE this.  They tell me about things that I said to them that really had an impact.  I LOVE this too.  I get the opportunity to tell them how much THEY impacted my life!  It is very cool.

Have you ever been out and about and someone smiles at you and it just makes your day?  Well, that person had a direct impact on your moment…they don’t even know it. 

When I began writing this post….I had no idea that I was going to land here.  I just thought that I was exploring comments…but, really I am recognizing how much we all are impacted by each other…whether we are conscious of it or not.

A smile goes a long way.
SO does a funny blog post.
So does a blog post of self exploration.

So dear readers, whether you comment or not, I sense you there. I hope that what I write inspires you and sometimes makes you laugh. 

Give someone you don’t know a big grin:)
Have a lovely day!

8 Responses to “Anyone out there?”

  1. Hello everyone,
    I think I do just as you put it, if I can relate I will think about it, if it is something funny I can answer right away. I really agree with the smile thing. It never ceases to amaze me how just that little gesture means so much sometimes. As I have gotten older, (52 ha ha!!!)I can really notice how just being nice to someone really calms them down and if you are consistent in being nice they may even think you are a little wierd!! but who cares. Life would be grand if all were nice!!! And by the way Lynn, I find with your blog someone to relate to and make me feel that I am not alone sometimes. So please keep going and know we are here.

  2. Thanks Doreen…I am glad to know that you are there reading away and grining at strangers! I love that! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  3. Hey there Lynne,

    I am completely intimidated by the thought of posting something. First of all, there’s the whole technology piece that’s not at all my best skill set. Then there’s the grammar/spelling/punctuation thing that poses an obstacle. And then I imagine no one is the least bit interested in what I have to say in response – although now I get that you are interested. And, at this moment, I 1400 email messages in my in box, 586 of which are unread and unfiled and undeleted. So you can see reading and typing at the computer are just not where I put my energy.

    What if I were to respond to some of your blogs with my favorite of email closings, xoxoxooxox. These hugs and kisses disguised as x and o could let you know that, despite all my above listed personal obstacles, I read what you said and it touched me in some way. You could then make up whatever story you wanted to as to what way I was impacted, knowing of course that xoxoxoxo definitely slants towards love and appreciation.

    OK, I’ll spell it out here: I love and appreciate you and your blog.


  4. Thanks Christine for your comment. I LOVE hugs and kisses….and I LOVE to make up my own stories about what it means…ohhhhhhh nice!

  5. Howdy to my Favorite Blogger!
    So as I read this post, these are the things I thought of:
    – Meredith Young-Sowers’ Angelic Messenger Cards (which you introduced me to, thank you!) because there are a few cards that talk a lot about Purpose (especially #22). I seem to get these cards since my life purpose has seemed hidden from me, aka not in my career, relationships, home, etc.
    – So my next thought was to ask you , ‘What’s your intention/purpose with this blog?’ other than to bring tons of smiles to people that you obviously are not receiving back directly in the form of comments! You are a great writer, counselor, channeler of wisdom and empowerment – so is the blog yet another avenue for all of that, or is it practice for a book, or just awesome entertainment for us all?

    So there’s my comments! And the #1 reason I don’t comment often is because my comments turn into this kind of loooong, involved thought process. I use your blog posts as a launching pad for my own self-exploration, which is often not necessary for anyone else to read/know about! I do appreciate YOU and your posts, and as long as they are serving you I am happy to read them!
    Love and Gratitude!

  6. Hi Lynne,

    I think the funny ones are so appealing because it helps me be less non-judgemental of my “stuff”.I guess I love selfishly absorbing the Lynne-ness without giving a smidge in return, the tramp that I am.

    We’re all here, soaking in the Tao of Lynne…

  7. Ahhhhh thanks for the comments everyone! I feel all warm and cozy now! My intention for this blog is to practice writing…for a book down the road…not sure if it will be a long road or short road~ and to offer a lighter way to expereince life…I also want to crack you all up! Thanks again!!!!

  8. I read your blogs because you are my dearest friend and I love you. You also crack me up and make me think about myself and life. It is a good thing. Maybe because I think you are the greatest! Oh, and I like the way you write. That too.

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