Greetings fabulous readers!

I have been recently pondering about how lax I have become concerning my wardrobe.  I had a friend call and she wanted to stop by for a visit. I looked down at myself and realized that I was still in my jammies.  I would love to say that it was still morning…well technically, it was.  She called around 11:53am. 

So, I put on a pair of pants and a tee shirt and realized that I hadn’t put on a bra.  Bras are just so uncomfortable…and because I have not been endowed with a hunkin’ rack I don’t see why I need to bother.  I mean, I barely fill out a sports bra. 

Sorry to disappoint you fellas!

When I say that I am shaped like a pole….I am not kiddin’! 

Anyway, back to my wardrobe issues. 

Since I began working from home about 5 years ago…I have noticed a steady decline in my fashion sense.  In the beginning, I would wake up, shower and dress in nice clothes.  This would help to get me in "the working mindset."  I kept this up for a while.  Then I started to wear more casual things…like sweats and flannel shirts.  If it was warm weather…I would throw on an old skirt and an old tee shirt.  I fell in love with being a frump-a-dump!

Things really went down hill once my boys moved out.  When that happened, I stopped wearing a bra when I was home working.  I mean…who cares right?  My fella thinks I look cute…even in flannel and sweats… and I am working with folks over the phone.

Recently, things have hit an all time low.  I am not even getting dressed until the afternoon.  I wake up, get coffee, work with clients, blog…have some breakfast…before I know it…it’s lunch time and I am still in my jammies.  Just to give you a visual of this;  My jammies consist of old tee shirts and a pair of my fellas flannel jammie bottoms…red plaid jammie bottoms.  I bought some new jammies recently, thinking this would at least expand my wardrobe a bit…but, I haven’t worn them yet.  I just love these red plaid flannel pants that are huge on me!!!!  They make my fannie look like it is down to my knees.

Such a lovely sight!

Well, I  have decided that this has gotta change.  I mean I am a professional!  Shouldn’t I be lookin’ like one?  For me, at this point, lookin’ professional means wearing pants, a bra and a tee shirt.  I know…I know…I am reaching for the stars!!!

The other thing is that I am starting to do a radio show and I HAVE to get dressed before I go to the station.  I can’t wear my jammies and I HAVE to look at least like I partially have my self together.  I am also looking into getting a webcam to use with clients who want to see me while we talk.  Which means…I have to brush my hair, wear a bra…and a decent shirt.  But, I could still wear my jammie pants…no one would know! 

I think I have a problem!!!!!

I need to do some "goal setting 101." 

So, with you as my witness…my goal…starting tomorrow (because why start today what I can put off until tomorrow?)…I am going to change my routine.
I am going to wake up early (that will be easy because I already do that!), have some coffee (cuz, why bother getting up unless I can have some coffee) and then shower.  From there I think that it will be easy to put on fancy clothes…meaning pants, and a tee shirt…oh, and a bra.  Faaaaannnnnccccyyyyyy!!!!! 

Since I only have 2 pairs of pants…it will be easy to choose a pair…and since I only have a couple tye died tee shirts, an old Grateful Dead shirt and a couple "Life is good" tees….these decisions will be pretty straight forward.

If I want to be super fancy, maybe I will put on a real shirt.  Who knows!  The world is my oyster!!!!!!

This is gonna be fun.  Maybe I will start today.  I think that I will start right now!!!!
Yay me!!!!

Off I go to fancy pants land!

Hope you have a fancy pants day!

4 Responses to “Fancy Pants”

  1. Very funny post, Lynne! And you know I can relate…me and my black yoga pants are not often parted, unless I’m still in my jim-jams. But today, before even reading your post (shockingly enough) I showered before 8 am and PUT JEANS ON. Now, I did this because I have to walk around with my cell phone all day and my yoga pants don’t have pockets, but anyway, it made me feel all normal-like. I thought big girl pants were just for leaving the house, totally forgetting the pocket factor.

    Of course, now I am wondering…does anyone make yoga pants with pockets? Sigh. I am hopeless.

  2. I love wearing yoga pants! You are right…none of them have pockets! Why is that? We need our pockets!!! Where are we going to put our hands? Or our ipods? Or our little thingie maboppers?

  3. I write this from the comfort and frump-ism that is my furry slippers, tie-dye pj pants, a barely-there tshirt (because it has been washed and loved so much), and an old cardigan sweater that could never be worn in public. I completely relate to your post, Lynn! This week I have discovered my ultimate motivation for getting up early and getting going – fresh tracks in the powder at my local ski resort! Ok, so I go from my pjs to my long johns and snow clothes, but it’s fit to slide down the slopes alongside others and I’m going to carry that motivation into my non-ski days, too!
    And just to share my favorite fakey get dressed secret – YMI brand stretchey jeans. They really do look like denim, but feel and move like yoga pants – complete with pockets! Great for days spent in the car, too!
    So now that you’re ready to dress and speak the part (no cussing) for your radio gig, how can we non-local listeners catch your show?!

  4. Hey there Alli~ Wear can I find those pants that your talkin’ about:) Do they come in tall?

    I love that you go from jammies to ski clothes and then on to the slopes…ah, life is sooooo tough;)

    As for the radio show: My show (at least until I feel more confident with the boards and such) is going to be on the 2nd Tuesday of every month beginning in March. It will be on at 5:30pm, on KRFC 88.9

    You can listen to internet streaming if you want. Just go to the stations website: krfcfm.org
    and there will be a link for internet!

    If you want you can call in to and join the conversation. That would be so fab!!!!!

    Thanks for your comments Alli~ It is so good to hear from you!
    Enjoy the snow~

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