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I was reading one of my favorite blogs:  www.alixnorth.com, written by one of my favorite friends…and she was discussing a hilarious issue with underwear.  I thought…"I can add to this conversation!"

So, here I go!

In the mornings when my fella is getting dressed, he opens his drawers, holds up a pair of socks and exclaims with glee:  "I have proof of a higher existence!!!!!"  He then excitedly puts on his socks.  On days, when the socks are not so obviously in abundance…he will look around in the nooks and crannies and find that perfect hidden pair and hold them up with glee:  "More proof of a higher existence!!!!!!"  If there are no socks to be found…not even in the magical secret places found in the back of the closet, he looks all sad and forlorn and says "Bummer…there is no god!"

I can appreciate a dude with such a whimsical view of a higher and All-Powerful Being.  This Being is the magical dispenser of socks!  Makes sense to me!!!!!

Well recently, with all of the holiday fan fare….this All-Powerful Being was NOT doing its job…because sadly there have been no clean socks…or underwear for that matter. 

I looked at my fella:  "What are we to do?"

He looked at me:  "I don’t KNOW!!!!!!"

We pondered for a bit…and decided to look even farther back in the closet…where, yes folks, there were some hidden socks and one pair of underwear.

Proof of a Higher Existence!!!!

5 Responses to “Proof of a higher existence”

  1. See, sometimes in life its just the little things that can really make our day!!! Have a great one everyone!

  2. I think so too. Thanks Doreen!!!

  3. I think so too. Thanks Doreen!!!

  4. Sounds so much like Mike.
    I remember when he used to think watching half and half go into a hot cup of coffee, probably thinking then, that it was proof of a higher existence, as he would watch the wonderful swirl of the cream mix with the yummy steaming coffee. I wonder if he remembers that………… 😉 I do.

  5. I am going to ask him if he remembers that…some things never change! He just changed his focus of proof:~)

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