Greetings earthlings! 

It is a cozy day here in Northern Colorado…a balmy 2 degrees and snowing!  I love working at home and on days like this…it feels even better.  It just increases the cozy factor by a gazillion!  Drinking a yummy cup of coffee, in my beautiful bone china cup from England, and having a conversation with you!  How cool is that!?

I know that some of you are waiting for my part 2 segment on "Your Truth,"  but there is a new truth that I just gotta chat to you about. 

This is an earth shattering truth.


We have visitors in our attic. 

Not the alien kind….but, the 4 footed furry kind.

They have been making noise on and off for about a month.  My fella and I took a peek to see if we could figure out who these visitors are.  We found something dusty that had some foot prints (or is that paw prints?)…on it.  Anyway, we don’t think they are rats…if they are we need to move soon because those are some HUGE rats…and they will be taking over the world soon!

We think that it might be either raccoons or squirrels.  We can’t figure out how they are getting up there.  Can raccoons jump?  I know squirrels can.  When they run…yes, run…from one end of the house to the other, they make quite a lot of noise.  So, they have to be fairly heavy.  They also talk to each other.  Which leads us back to the possibility that maybe they are aliens after all. 

Last night, or rather, early this morning…we were woken up by them again.  They ran from one end of the house to another…chatting about this…that…and the other thing.  My fella thought they were talking about the economic downfall that is happening in our country.  I thought they were complaining about the lousy accommodations that they have in our attic.  Dirty and dusty and not enough insulation to make a decent bed.

Whatever they were talking about…let’s just say that they had a lot to say about it.

My fella tried banging on the wall.

They became very quiet.

"Oh, good thinkin!"  I said~

We finally began to drift off to sleep…and the ruckus began again.

This kept us up for the next hour…when all of a sudden the sounds changed.

"What is that?"  We looked at each other wondering?  The noise had changed.  They weren’t chatting anymore…something else was going on.

After a bit we decided to get up and start our day.  My fella wondered aloud if maybe they were fighting and one of them got hurt…and that was the change in the sound that we heard.  As soon as he said this…we both looked at each other.

"Or maybe they were…you know…doin somethin else!"

We both grinned at each other…hmmmmmm thats kinda cute. 

Or is it?

Maybe our attic is just a hotel that they can…you know…have some fun in.  Or maybe,  they like our merger accommodations and  have decided to start a family.  In our attic!!!!!!

I don’t know.

I don’t even really know who’s up there.

I don’t have a clue.

I think that I had better take another peek up there and have a chat with them.  Its cool if they want to hang out while its cold. But, I am not too keen on the whole family thing.  If they want permanent lodging…they need to go to the neighbors house.  The neighbors won’t even hear them in their attic, with all of those dogs of theirs barking!

Our little friends have quieted down.  Now they are quiet…I don’t know if they are still up there or if they have taken off for the day to enjoy the snow. 

But, when they return…we need to have a little chat!

Enjoy your day!

2 Responses to “Who’s up there?”

  1. they are rats. we had the same thing going on here…….they are kinda cute you know, but still.
    you can set traps and bring them somewhere else. You Lynne, should think about writing children’s books. your funny and too cute.

  2. Rats!
    If its rats then I just can’t let them use our attic as a hotel. It just won’t work. I know how prejudice that sounds…but, we don’t serve no rats here!!!!! Hmmmmmmmm I think we need to call someone after all. As for childrens books, how does this sound: There was an old rat who lived in a shoe:)
    Ewwwww Ewwwww Ewwwww…how could he live in my shoe?
    I think I need more coffee!!!

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