Hello there fabulous folks!  Hope this post finds you happy and healthy!

Have you ever heard of the old belief "The Gods are Jealous"?  It’s a really old old old belief.  I think it may date back to pre-Roman…but, I am not sure.

Anyhoodally-do, I am bringing that old belief back…right here…right now.  I think the gods are jealous…they don’t want the beings below them to have too much good stuff.

Have you ever gone on a vacation to a beautiful place…and have the rains come, or the mosquito’s come, or have someone pick pocket you?  Yep…there it is…the gods were jealous.  They were cool with you goin’ out of town and all…but, to much of a good thing just makes them green with envy.  Those gods like to stir it up.  Ya know?

What about folks born on a leap year?  Total proof!  I mean come on!  Here are these fabulous folks who only get to celebrate the date of their original birth, once every 4 years.

Here is how it could have played out……

SCENE OPENS:  A group of gods are playing poker in a nondescript sort of place…
…talking animately and with much irritation to each other about how many birthdays are being celebrated in the lowlands. They come up with this great idea:

god 1 (He’s the dude with the long white beard…kinda grouchy…into themes of bug plagues):  "Hey, those humans are having too much fun with the whole birthday extravaganza.  They are starting to piss me off!"

god 2  (He’s a younger dude…kinda brooding…into themes of love lost..enjoys using family and social spins.  He is really the dude who wrote "Romeo and Juliet"):  "Why do you care?  Just leave em alone."

god 1:  "Well, its buggin me!  No one has celebrated my birthday in centuries! It’s like those puny humans don’t care about us.  They only notice me when I send a bunch of locusts down to them…and I am tired of bugs."  (Sigh)

god 2: (rolls his eyes) "Ah crap…here we go again!"

The other gods snicker to themselves.

god 4 (he is the dude that folks call upon when their winning streak has turned to the dark side.  He just wants god 1 and god 2 to get back to the game!): "I got an idea…let’s just mess with some of the birthdays.  Nothin much happens in February anyway…so let’s just add one extra day every four years.  Now, lets get back to the game."

The idea is agreed upon.
They get a good chuckle and go back to their card game

SCENE ENDS…lights fade low.

Okay…time to come back to the blog post…what was I talking about?

Oh right…gods and jealousy!

I have decided that this truth is behind my health blip.  I am too smart, too funny and too damned cute for the gods.  They are jealous.  They don’t want me to be too fabulous.  Only the gods are allowed to be too fabulous!  So, they sent this health blip to make me less fab.  I know it!  The gods are punishing me and my fabulousness!

Well, as some of you already know, I recently bought a new computer.  It is the coolest computer ever.  Its red!  and shiny!  and quite fancy!

While trying to figure out how to move all of my stuff from the old computer to my new cool computer…things started to get….weird.  I mean…really weird.  When I tried to type a document, numbers showed up instead of letters.  Weird boxes popped up saying weird stuff with big red "X’s" on them.  Programs were unable to install.  The DVD drive disappeared!  I think at one point my computer moaned and sighed.

After hours on the phone with the tech folks, things finally seem to be fixed.  At least for now. 

I hesitate to even post this blog in case one of those gods read my blog.  Ya never know with benevolent beings!  If they read about my computer being fixed they may do something else to it.  You see, the gods aren’t just jealous of us humans…they also extend this fussy behavior to non living objects.  Yep, they are jealous of all of our cool stuff!

I guess product development isn’t high on their lists of things to do up there.  They are more interested in being voyeuristic with each other and with us.  What kind of life is that?  Watching your neighbors and thinking of ways to mess with them? 

Ah well, I guess it takes all kinds!

I hope the gods get bored of me soon…cuz I have some other cool and fun ideas that are buzzing around in my mind.  I have to figure out a way to get them off my tail first so they don’t mess anything up. 

Got any ideas?

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