My fella and I have begun playing a game we call "coffee shop."  I guess technically it is not really a game…it’s more a state of mind. 

We created this state of mind recently when the last light bulb in my office blew out.  I had 5 different bulbs…the one in the lamp and 4 bulbs in this ugly fan that is on the ceiling. Needless to say, I have had plenty of time to realize that I needed to purchase some more bulbs…but, I kept forgetting. 

One recent morning, I went into my office to check my email and it was all darkness…it wouldn’t have been dark if it wasn’t for the early day light savings extravaganza that this stupid president put into place…but, that’s a different blog all together.  Anyway, since sitting in the dark, checking emails felt a little…I dunno…weird…I decided to bring my laptop out into the kitchen. 

Me (said to my fella):  I’m taking Ruby into the kitchen.

My fella:  Who’s Ruby???

Me:  My laptop! (said with total frustration…like he forgot the name of my best friend or something!)

My fella:  Well, I wanna come out to!  (said with disappointment…like I was leaving him out of something super fun!)

Me:  Let’s play coffee shop!

My Fella:  Okay, I will pour us some coffee and we can sit with our laptops and hang out!

Both Of US:  Jumping up and down with glee

I sat at the table, my fella sat across from me.  I checked email, he checked out the "Stupid Deal of the Day".  Don’t ask!  Anyway, we had such a good time…and since I still haven’t bought any light bulbs…this has become our new routine first thing in the morning.

So, this morning we both grabbed our laptops and put them on the kitchen table.  I poured us some coffee, my fella added the half n half to the cups.  Then we sat down and turned on our computers. Sipping coffee and reading about this, that and the other thing.

Me:  want some more coffee?

My fella:  Nah, I will get more in a bit.

Me: This is so fun

My fella:  Uh-huh!

Soon it was time to part ways.  He wanted to go practice scales…I needed to get other work done in my office.  We gave each other a smooch.

My fella:  "Tomorrow?"

Me: "You betcha!"

I got up and headed into my office and he headed into his studio. 
I love that we can hang out and have a blast together…not really even saying much to each other. 

How cool is that?


It could also mean that I need to get out more!

Have a cool day!

2 Responses to “Coffee Shop~”

  1. Awwwww, that sounds like so much fun! Developing new rituals as a couple is just one of the best things ever. Enjoy your coffee shop! But wait…how’s the WiFi service? Is it free? And do you get free iTunes downloads?

  2. Hey Alix…well we don’t get free iTunes downloads but, to add to the incredible cuteness factor of this whole thing…we have lots of bunnies hopping around with birdies singing sweet songs! heehee

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