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I hope you had a lovely weekend. We had a gorgeous day here. Sunny, warm, a slight breeze…birds a singin’…bunnies a hoppin’…people a rompin’!

As spring stirs the air, my thoughts go towards clearing clutter. Cleaning out drawers, closets (except the scary one in my office), and the garage. Anything that we no longer use or need is brought in front of the tribunal (my fella) for approval. He is a pack rat, and since I clear clutter all willy nilly…he has made the request that I ask him before I chuck all of his crap.

*The arguing that happens during this time is for another blog…or maybe not. Cuz really, I am RIGHT and he is WRONG…nuf said!

Anyway, I have been clearing other clutter as well. Physical clutter. I went to the dentist. Had my annual…which has not happened annually at all! Got my eyes checked. All sorts of this-s and that-s. I also made the decision to have a particular procedure to help a particular problem.

You see along with my one health blip, there is another health blip. I have always thought that they were in cahoots together…little did I know how true that was. I have Endometriosis. Every handful of years, I go and and get a procedure done that seems to help quiet the symptoms.

Recently, the symptoms have gotten really bad so I made an appointment to see the doctor. Patting myself on the back for taking care of this…I go in for an ultra sound. Not the “on the belly” ultra sound. The other one! After the ultra sound, I met with the doctor.

“Hmmmmmm, this is not looking so good.” says the doctor
“Uh, ok. Whaddya mean?” says me
“Well, you have a couple of cysts on your right ovary, and from the sounds of your symptoms your endometriosis has gotten worse. It has moved into your uterine wall.” Says the doctor

At this point she begins to tell me that endometriosis can travel.
What does that mean? Like it packs its bags and heads to Maui? Uh NO! It heads for various organs, or heads to the lungs…or the legs…whatever internal destination that sounds good.

“So what does this all mean?” says me
“It means that your endormetriosis is traveling…” says the doctor
“Well, the laperoscopy will fix that. Right?” says me
“Uh…no! I recommend that you have a hysterectomy.” says the doctor
“A hyster-who?” asks me
“A hysterectomy. I will take that right ovary that has been giving you so much trouble too.”

‘Oh, and we need to do a biopsy right now to make sure this isn’t cancer.” says the doctor.

Well, this was turning out to be a really bad trip to the gynecologists office!

After the biopsy…which was super owie powie…we discussed my “options.” “Options” was a very loose term. There really isn’t much else to do. The other interesting thing about all of this is that when I told her about my other health blip and began describing my symptoms, she said:
“Those symptoms aren’t IC. Those are all due to the advancement of the endometriosis. Once we do this procedure, those symptoms will be gone.”



Like…I could get my life back and not have anymore pain. Like…I could be free of all the pressure…and the shooting pains, and the horrible periods that last for an eternity? Like…I could be done with all of this?


So, without furthur ado….I said “Yes. OK. Can you do it tomorrow?”

Since then, that was on Thursday, I have been cycling between excitement and tears. Who knew that spring cleaning would entail getting rid of a uterus and one ovary? Huh. Talk about clearing clutter!

I talked to my fella about it.

My fella: “Well, you don’t need your uterus anymore. Right?”

Me: “How about we cut off your left testicle. Cuz, you don’t really need that right?”

He quickly shut up!

Guys just don’t get it.

I am not really sure why I feel sad about this…but, I do.

Hey, this uterus housed both of my boys. It has been with me through thick and thin. I don’t know. It just seems weird that it will be gone. Just like that! And because I am who I am, I keep wondering what she will do with “it.” Does the uterus and ovary get thrown away? Is there a special uterus garbage can? Does the uterus go to uterus hell…cuz it has been really BAD? All questions that probably will be never answered. Cuz I ain’t gonna ask. Cuz that is just too weird!

I will share my thoughts and feelings over the next few weeks as I have the surgery and then afterwords. I am doing this to offer support to anyone who is going through this. It is a pretty trippy thing…at least for me!

Talk to you soon~

2 Responses to “Clearing Clutter”

  1. Lynne, anytime someone wants to take something out of you (well, except maybe an appendix) it is a big decision! How do we grieve when we lose parts of our body? Because I think we need to, even if those parts have caused us pain our medical system doesn’t acknowledge this grief, but we can. Maybe we can come up with a way for you to say good-bye to your uterus, and thank you for the wonderful life it nurtured for you? You get to keep the souvenirs (your boys!) no matter what!

    My thoughts are with you as you wait for the surgery to be scheduled and the date to approach. This is hard stuff. It’s my hope that you will feel so much better after it is done, you will be glad you did it. And glad you said good-bye in your own way.

  2. Thanks for your support Alix. I had a dream last night that I was having the surgery…the doctor held up my uterus to me (It looked like a ham sandwich)…never eating THAT again, and said: “Say good bye” so I did. I woke up laughing and with a bit of relief from the anxiety.
    Then I read your comment. On the same page…yet again:)

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