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It is a gorgeous day here in Colorado. I know that there have been big storms around the country (US) and I hope this post finds you all safe and sound~

Today, I want to chat about the last show of “I Can Make You Thin.” Paul Mckenna focused on releasing cravings. This is a great next step when loosing weight.

There is a difference between wanting a particular food and craving a particular food.

A “want” sounds like this:

While out and about with friends at a coffee shop:
“I want a piece of that pie.” You feel calm, and if you find that you don’t have enough cash in your wallet, you don’t feel the need to offer your first born as a servant to work at the coffee shop!

A “craving” sounds like this:

While out and about with friends at a coffee shop:
“Everyone step away from the counter…I gotta a gun! No sir, you can’t have that piece of pie…IT’S MINE!!!!!!!” At this point, you may notice that you are foaming at the mouth and your friends are acting like they don’t know you!

Yep! That’s a craving.

You know you have a craving when the thought of that particular food will not leave you alone. When you finally have to give into “it”…just to shut “it” the hell up!!!!

Sound familiar?

If you watched the 3rd show, Paul showed the audience a technique that uses aversion to stop the craving. I learned a variety of these types of tools when I was training to be a Hypnotherapist. There are a bunch of different ones to try but, the one he showed is quick and to the point.

What is an “aversion technique?”

Well, remember in the “old days”….I mean….really the old days… when a kid would get caught smokin’ behind the barn? The parents would make the kid smoke a whole pack of cigarettes, until the kid was pukin’? Yep…that is what you could call an “aversion technique.”

For those of you who did not see this weeks show, here is the gist of the technique he used:

Think of a food that you crave. Got one? Rate the strength of your craving (0-10). Now, Imagine a food that you think is disgusting…really makes you gag! If you like all foods then think of something slimy and gross…like a can full of spit! Are you beginning to gag? Good! Pinch your thumb and middle finger together, on your non-dominate hand and squeeze…while you are squeezing your fingers together, imagine drinking or eating the disgusting food…or drinking spit…gagging yet? Good! Now, add the food that you crave to the mixture…and take an imaginary bite, or gulp some down. You should be feeling really bad about now.

Okay, now stop.

Take a breath.

Take a moment to think of something wonderful. A beautiful scene, a fabulous moment in your life when you felt so good and aligned…got one? Squeeze your thumb and middle finger, on you dominate hand and hold….breath into this fantastic image while gently squeezing your fingers…allow this to expand through your whole body. When you feel done…stop.

Go back to the food that you were craving. How strong is your craving now?

Isn’t that just snazzy as can be?

This does not work for everyone though. For some folks, there is a Psychological Reversal going on. This means that part of you wants to get rid of the craving and part of you doesn’t. I call this “having your foot on the gas and your other foot on the break.” Until the Psychological Reversal is addressed, the craving will come back or it will be replaced by another craving.

EFT is a fantastic way to clear up any Psychological Reversals you may have. Because statements are used such as:

“Even though I have this craving for chocolate, and I don’t want to give it up…and I do want to give it up…I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway!”

The last part of the statement energetically unhooks the reversal. You are telling yourself that even though there is this thing…this craving that you don’t want to give up…you still love and accept yourself. Unconditional love. Yep! We are back to that!

It always comes back down too healing through unconditional love.

So, if you feel inspired, try that aversion technique. If it doesn’t quite do it…or something inside you cries in anguish: “Don’t take my chocolate away!” then, you know you have some Psychological Reversal…which can be cleared when you are ready.

If you decide to try to clear the craving…remember that you may have to do it a few times. Another helpful addition is to do the dominate hand finger squeeze, while remembering something wonderful, through out your day. That way, you are aligning with good feelings more and more…giving the craving less and less room!

Have fun!!!!

Ta Ta for now~

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