Happy Spring!According to the calendar, Spring has already started. But, since moving to Colorado….it seems like Spring doesn’t really start until the lilacs come into bloom. Sure the crocus, daffodils, and hyacinth have already graced us with their beautiful blooms…but, for me, there is something about lilacs.
I am a “more the merrier” kind of babe. I don’t just plant one clump of bulbs…I plant a gazillion clumps of bulbs. I don’t just paint one wall purple…I have to paint all 4 walls purple…then I have to add some purple pillows for good measure. Happily, the family who first owned our house, lived by this same exuberance because they planted lilac bushes all along the property line. Our property is about a half an acre. That is a lot of lilac bushes!

Years later, I enjoy an explosion of Spring with these gorgeous shrubs. I love that they bloom, seemingly all at once. I get out my clippers every morning, and clip as many blooms as I can, and place them all around the house. Every bouquet is a delight for me. I show each one to my fella, saying “Smell this…isn’t this amazing???” He graciously smells them and says “Absolutely!” He is so sweet! Really, he doesn’t notice a difference from one clump of lilacs to another…but, he likes that I am excited and plays along anyway:)

This morning, I gathered my first clump of lilacs of the season. They are not quite ready for greedy consumption…but, I can’t help taking a small nibble. If I had a ladder handy, I would have been able to get those ones heading for the sun…but since I am a mere 5’9..and a half…I could only gather what was in my reach. Just enough to fill a couple small vases…enough to satisfy me for today. In a few days though…I will be able to gather armfuls!

Another part of this joyful explosion of Spring, is that our dog Elly will smell like lilacs. She runs along the bottom of the bushes as she chases bunnies, and mice and whatever else scurries around our yard. After these mad dashes she comes into the house smelling wonderful. I love to lay next to her, in our sunspot, and enjoy how good she smells.

These are moments of sheer joy for me. To be replaced in a few weeks with something else. These moments are not meant to last…they flow through. I might be bummed for a moment or two when I enjoy the last of the lilac blooms….wishing that they lasted just one more day…

But wait..

The peonies are about to bloom. Oh, I love peonies! I love to gather the flowers and put them in vases all over my house. They smell so wonderful…and the colors are gorgeous; a variety of pinks and white!

On and on it goes…

moment to moment…

day to day…

season to season…

the simple and explosive joys of life!

How cool is that!!!!!!!

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