Hello fabulous readers!

I was going to write some more about this, that and the other thing. I started the posts out with pretty good titles and interesting first sentences. First, I was going to write more about failures that only exist in our minds. When that went no where fast, I tried writing about Spiritual Tyranny…great topic..but, again I got distracted. So, I got up to get another cup of coffee and found out that we are out of half n half…which in my world is REALLY REALLY BAD!!!

So, I sit here with an empty coffee cup, waiting for some brilliant thoughts to land in my little brain…and all my mind can focus on is how pretty my nails look since my surgery.

I kid you not!

I stop admiring my beautiful long gorgeous nails for a moment…BREATHE. Focus inward. COME ON thoughts….lets have something interesting.



All I can think about is how pretty my nails look with this pretty soft pink color nail polish I put on yesterday.


That’s it????


Pretty nail color?


Oh wait! There’s more! I can’t stop admiring how pretty they look as I type on my keyboard. I like the sound they make…click click click…I like how they feel when I type.


I had made a commitment to myself that I was going to blog at least 4 times this week. All the books that I have read about writing say that when you feel blocked…write anyway. So, here I am, with no coffee…writing about my nails. I am crossing my fingers that if I continue with this that something…something..of interest will come forth and then I can delete all of this crap.

This reminds me of a client that I was working with recently. She said that she was in a meeting of some importance and she couldn’t concentrate on the important topic because all her mind could focus on was the fact that the presenters tie was crooked. She also noticed that his tie didn’t quite work with his casual attire. She started wondering if maybe the tie wasn’t even his…he might have borrowed it from his roommate, who found it in the back of his closet. Her mind went off into this weird world of making up stories about this guy and his tie.

When the meeting was over, people where talking about how great the presentation was. She mumbled an agreement and slunk off to her desk. She didn’t hear any of the presentation…that tie was just too distracting!!!

As I sit here and think about her story…and my nails…my mind flashes to parties that I have been too where the women stand in groups talking about their hair, dresses, and their manicures. Hmmmmmmm….I used to stand there feeling gawky and goofy hoping to find a way to get out of there. Could it be that now I would be able to be part of the conversation?

I could say things like:

“Oh I know what you mean…I just LOVE Revlon’s new summer palette.”


“Yes, this IS “sheer blossom” that I am wearing! Is that “Lavender Blush?”

Oh someone shoot me! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

This is MADNESS!!!!!

I just knew that laying around recovering from this surgery would somehow push me over the edge. I have finally lost my mind. I have no interesting thoughts left. They are all GONE!!!

Ah well, I am getting hungry for breakfast. Guess I can go enjoy watching my pretty nails glisten while I make some eggs and toast.


I got nothin else!

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