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A few days ago, I came face to face with something that I recently wrote, that was taken COMPLETELY out of context. My own little sound bite mishap. Or would it be called a “word bite?” Anyway…it’s hilarious and I just have to share the story with you.

I have been holding back from blogging the last couple of weeks because I am in the middle of redesigning my blog and changing the location of its home. You see, the last bunch of months I have been busy as a bee creating a new logo, new website and a new design for my blog.

Everything is getting a make over!

*Quick note: When I say “I have been busy as a bee” I really mean that I have hired a great team of folks who have been helping me do all of these things. Plus a bunch of friends who have had to listen to me go over and over this, that and the other thing to make sure that everything looks pretty and makes sense!

Anyway, I have been taking care of finishing touches to my new website…and I received an email from a woman who found an “oops!” page instead of my website.

Hmmmmmmm. That can’t be good!

So, I decided to do a google search with using my name and here is what I found.

This listing is the 3rd one down when you search my name “Lynne Morrell.”

MUSINGS FROM THE EDGE: Lynne’s Cliff Notes: The principle took one look at my skirt and said “You have begun to menstruate Lynne. This will happen to you every month. It is the punishment for being a…..”

Talk about a weird sound bite! Or a weird word bite? Huh…I dunno.

This is from my blog post “Eulogy for a Uterus…Oh, and an Ovary!”

I was on the phone with my fabulous friend and brilliant web designer Randie, and we were both horrified and couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t know that I could be so embarrassed and think something was so hilarious at the same time! Talk about some dueling emotions!

So, what do I do with this weird sound/word bite that is 3rd down on google when you look up my name? I mean…this is my profession! My career! That line does NOT seem very…professional. It is pretty funny. But, taken out of context…maybe it’s not so funny. Maybe it makes me seem crazy. Maybe it makes me seem ______ (fill in the blank)!

Well, I can’t call the press and have a quick interview where I tell all google searchers that this is a line in a blog that is quite and hilarious and was very healing. And was written the day before my hysterectomy.

I can’t delete the link.

I can’t call google and say “Um, excuse me? There seems to be a slight problem with my listings!”

So, as I was rubbing the tears from my eyes and trying to calm the spasms in my tummy from laughing so hard…I realized that there was nothing to do about it….except maybe write a funny blog post!

I have to plug EFT again and say here is more proof of how amazing it works. If this had happened to me a hand full of time ago…I would have been so embarrassed and freaked out and worried and this, that and the other thing.

But, not anymore.

The embarrassment rolled right off of me.

It lasted for only a tiny moment.

It was replaced by a giggle and then a laugh that continued into the morning and is still being enjoyed as I write this post.

So, what is my point?

I dunno….

Except maybe for those of you who are using EFT…keep going. It works! And for those of you who don’t…if you feel inspired… check it out!

Also, once we are able to freely flow with our emotional system…there is so much more freedom! It is so much gentler to navigate this hilariously, embarrassing, challenging, plain ol’ hard, joyful thing called life.

Oh…and check out my gorgeous, beautiful new website. I will be adding tapping videos, more meditations and a fabulous new line of products…very shortly. Classes will be right around the corner too!

Also, in a handful of days my blog will be moved to a new location with a lovely new design.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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