Good Day Fabulous Folks!!!

What is your biggest fear?

How is that for a lead sentence?

We all have something that scares the crap out of us.

I have a few somethings:

1.  Every one I love will die and I will be stuck on this planet alone….FOREVER

2.  Tarantulas…oh, and spiders that are black and shiney…ewwwwwww

3.  Percentages and Numbers

That about sums it up…hee hee!

Now, I am not particularly afraid of a number that stands alone.  If I type a number 5 here…I don’t start to sweat.  But, If I add an action next to the number followed by another number….I start to get a little breathy.  Say I type 5+37= (WHATEVER!) …now, I am getting a little quick in my breathing.  If I add multiplication or division to a set of numbers…I start to cackle….if you ask me about percentages….I just want to leave the building.

This morning when I was checking my email…I noticed an email from a lovely friend of mine…who is also number challenged.  She was asking me if I knew someone who could help her figure out this thing on percentages.  As I read the "thing" I noticed that my room started to move funny.  I also noticed that I had NO IDEA of what she was talking about.  I told her that I would ask my son (who is really good with numbers…go figure!) and I would also chat with another friend of mine who is brilliant at finding "How-to’s" on the internet.

Closing the email, I started to think about fears and companionship.  She knew that I would TOTALLY understand her confusion…I felt comforted that her and I get that.  Percentages and numbers freak the both of us out.  We are in this together.

How come we feel soothed in the presence of our shared fears?

I try to share this "Percentages and Numbers" fear with my fella…and he totally DOES NOT get it.  I think I have seen him actually roll his eyes when I start freaking out about it.  Roll his eyes!!!  Well, he understands numbers…he is a musician…of course he does!  I tried learning how to read music for years…just couldn’t do it.  It turned into a weird terror of sheet music!!!! Oh and of metronomes!

As humans, we find a way to live a fairly full life, carrying our fears along in our back pockets. I have learned ways to heal some of my fear of being the only one left alive on the planet…maybe this is why I love "end of the world movies."  There are always a group of folks that survive!  I steer clear of places where furry and shiny black spiders may live.  As for numbers….addition, subtraction, multiplication….I bought a really glitzy purple sparkly calculator.  So, instead of seeing scary numbers that need some sort of freaky action….I see a pretty calculator…all sparkly and purple.

As for my friend who has this percentage thing to figure out?  I will offer her my condolences….cuz I TOTALLY get it!

Maybe I could buy her a glitzy calculator too…a little sparkle goes a long way!!!

Hope your day adds up!

Hope you have multiples of joy!

Sending you 100% of good vibes!

Okay…I will stop!

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