Okay…so, I have been writing this last week about beliefs.

And…man oh man– do I got a doozie!

I believe that I suck at technology! Trust me, I got tons of proof.

Here is a just a small piece of the proof:

After deciding that I did not need to take any more ibuprofen (800 MG)…besides I was almost out of it…I have been slowly hurting more and more every day. At first, it was just a little bit of cramping…Down There . Then there was more cramping…Down There . And last night…I woke up to a ton of cramping Down There. The worst pain is where my right ovary used to be…is this phantom ovary pain?????

I dunno…but, what ever it is….it hurts!!!!

And because I am who I am …I saved my last ibuprofen for when the pain became really bad . Well, today…I reached that point. In fact, if I had any more percocet…I would have taken a handful! But no such luck. As I took my last huge horse pill, I noticed that I had 2 more refills. 2 MORE REFILLS!!!!

I quickly called the pharmacy.

And because I am who I am…I have been thinking that I should be much better by now. I mean…COME ON!!! It has been 2 months and 3 days since my hysterectomy! I shouldn’t need any more pain medication!!! Well, something snapped in my brain when I saw "2 refills." All of a sudden, I felt like maybe I was doing better than I thought. I mean…I am NOT going to NEED 2 more refills…one will do me just fine:) Right?

And because I am who I am…I thought, well, since I can barely walk right now (the pain is shooting down my leg and up into my chest), I decided to get something done. And that something? Exploring the finer points of using Word Press. Word Press is this new blog program that I am using. The new technological blog program that I am using!

I got out my little laptop pillow. Got my laptop. Got all comfy and cozy with a cup of tea. Took a nice deep breath…and tried to log in. Hmmmmmm…couldn’t figure that out. After I somehow found a way on..I took a deep breath again. After about an hour…I graduated to drinking a cup of coffee…which I drank to be polite…I really just wanted to main-line it…maybe THAT would help my brain work better. An hour later…I moved on to wine.

It is 3 hours later…and I still don’t understand it. I don’t understand how to find other bloggers. I don’t understand what the hell a widget is. I don’t understand how to add new thingies to my blog. I don’t understand any of it. The thing is…at some point…I have GOT to understand this stuff. This technological stuff. This horrible…nightmarish stuff! I have to face this boogey monster and make some sense out of it.

So…I have a TON of proof that I suck at technology.

A complete inability to learn this stuff does not change the fact that I have to learn this stuff!!!!

Maybe, I can go bang my head on the wall….I am good at that!

Maybe I can go back to it tomorrow.

Maybe I can get a new brain!!!

Maybe I can tap on it: "Even though I totally suck at wordpress…or any technology…I accept myself anyway….at least I am trying too!"

I think that there is a tiny possible chance that the reason this may be so frustrating…is because I have been hurting for a bit too long.

Hmmmmmmmm…it’s possible!

I guess maybe…

just maybe…I ought to shut this thing off…sorry Ruby… and go watch "Design Star ."

Might just be a good idea…

2 Responses to “Put me out of my misery….PLEASE!!!!”

  1. Yes, Lynne PAIN effects the brain!
    You “die hard”, tough, woman who is trying
    to learn new technological stuff when in
    all out PAIN…wait, wait, wait…till
    the pain eases, and try again. I promise it will be easier. Hope that pain leaves you alone soon!

    PS. A “widget” is a catagory (section such as
    “archives”, “recent posts” “pages”,”sign-up for my blog” etc.) on the right hand side of your blog).

  2. I did not realize that I was in so much pain. Next day, I went to the doctor and had to have some tests done to make sure that it wasn’t my appendix or gall bladder. Ey-ouch!!!!

    All looks good…the pain is due to the swelling from the surgery (doing too much) and some fluid in there (doing too much)…hmmmmmmm might have a pattern here!!!
    Spending the day today reading blogs and resting.
    Shoot me.

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