Hello there!

I have been waiting for something brilliant to come into my little brain….something brilliant to write about on my blog…but…NOTHIN!



Why…you may wonder?

Well, it’s because I have been wondering what YOU might enjoy reading.

Not what I feel like writing about!

Whenever I get into these sorts of mind sets…my writing is doomed.

Now, I realize that you have never said: "Hey Lynne, I wish you would only write about nail polish and your neurosis concerning toilet paper being replaced when the roll is done!"

I also realize that none of this has anything to do with you at all!

It is conflict between ME and me!

When I get into this sort of head space, I like to go through my old posts and see which ones got the most comments. I am sad to say that the posts that received the most comments ARE the ones about nail polish and toilet paper! I have also noticed the blog posts that talk about certain topics with a more formal tone…get NO comments!

Folks…I can make up a TON of stories about this.

Depending on my mood.

Most of the stories I make up have a consistent theme that somehow I have written something that sucks. That you, the reader, are somehow dis-pleased with my content and writing. If I could only write something that you wanted to read…THEN I would receive more comments and maybe even more readers! Forget the fact that I read lots of blogs…that I fully enjoy…and leave no comments. I also read blogs that I want to think about for awhile, thinking that I will go back and comment…and then I forget.

The problem with all of this is that when I am in these sorts of moods…I gauge my writing with my "How much do I suck-a-meter!" This is a handy dandy little meter that sits in my brain…and when I am tired, or particularly sensitive…or hungry…or hot…or whatever…it starts giving me all of this fabulous information pointing to how intensely I suck! It has lots of data…forget that most of it is made up…and it stores this data in large files.

Color coded of course.

So, what is a blogger, who is also a People Pleaser, supposed to do?

How do I stop from jumping down this rabbit hole?

Well, first I want to acknowledge anyone who has this tendency…because this is a nervous tick personality trait that takes time to get to know. It takes time to understand when being a People Pleaser is a supportive thing or when it has gone to the dark side. If you are a people pleaser…you are probably aware of the difference already!

As always…the first step is to notice what is happening.

ME: "I am trying to figure out what to write…hmmmmm what do people want to read?"

BLOG: "Ah…Hey Lynne…what do YOU want to write about?"

ME: "Uhhhhhhhh…."

Next step: Ask yourself what do you want?

ME" "Hi self! What do I WANT to write about?"

Answer from evil me: "I want to write what other people want to read about!"

ME: "Great! I am gettin’ nowhere!"

Follow this step by asking yourself "what do I want?"

*Note: If you continue asking yourself: "What do I want?" enough times…you will land in the essence…or at least near it… of what you really want to focus on.

ME: "What do I want?"

Me: "I want to write about something interesting that I can flip around and have a few laughs!"


Found it!

…and because I am who I am…I really want to write things that interest me…make me laugh while I am writing…AND that you find interesting…and that you get some good giggles out of. I like when both of us are happy!

The last part of this is to keep your desire in front of you while you are creating your master piece…or your mini master piece…or your whatever…using your own internal guidance to leap off the cliff with!

Now ain’t that a lovely thought?

So, for what ever reason, this post has taken me all day to write. My desire kept changing faces…my focus kept movin around. Sneaky little sucker!

I plan on building on this topic tomorrow morning with an IV drip of coffee…until then…

please…please…please….please yourself:) Feel free to add in the rest of the world after you have listened to what YOU want!

Have a groovy evening!

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