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It is a common phenomena that folks feel tons better after a session…or a conference….or a retreat….or…add your own self improvement experience here ________! Then, after a bit of time, all that great feeling begins to slip away. And soon…it’s gone. Swallowed by the day to day of life.

So, where does that good feeling go?

Did it take off to Tahiti? Maui? The Bahama’s?

(can you tell that I am TOTALLY missing the beach right now?)

Well, you see, we have path ways in our brain. Our synaptic responses follow the path of least resistance. Guess what folks? The path of least resistance is the path most used! Yep, that’s right…the path most used are made up of the thoughts that we think most often.

Another way to look at this is to imagine that there is a hill filled with cows. Cows don’t go straight up a hill…they switch back and forth. They also follow each other…one after the other…until there is a solid path going back and forth up to the top of the hill. Cows don’t like to go straight up a hill. I wonder why?

Okay, back to the topic at hand! Cows! Uh…NO! Brains!


So, let’s go back to that path that was made by the cows. I am going to add hikers to this little scenario. After the cows have made a solid path…one following the other until a trail is formed…other animals will follow this trail…as well as hikers. A hiker will see the path and say; "Hey, cool…there is a path here!" Pretty soon, this path is well established.

One day, a hiker comes along who only has a little time to get to the top of the hill. This hiker realizes that she can go straight up, rather than following the trail. So, she sets off…through the thistle and other brushy bushes. A subtle path is formed. But, if no one else takes it…the weeds and bushes will swallow the path up in no time. If other animals decide to take it, or she comes back and follows it for a bunch of days…soon a new path will form. If everyone, including the cows (but, they probably won’t) decide to take it…a new solid path is formed…and the old, unused path disappears.

Think of your thought pathways in the same way. The path that your thoughts take the most…is the one well worn…it is easy to "go there."

Here is an example: Think of the last time you were worried about money.

Got it?

Now, think about what triggered that worry. Let’s say it was worry about paying a bill. How long did it take your thoughts to go from "how the hell am I gonna pay this bill?" to "I am going to be homeless, living in a box, eating dirt!"? Seconds? Minutes? See how greased that pathway of thought is?

Slick and quick!!!!

Now, let’s bring back the great EFT session that you had with me ;), or the conference that was so uplifting, or the retreat that reminded you of your passions. A new pathway was created in your mind. When you return back to your day to day life, if that pathway is not walked upon consistently…it’s gonna disappear.

It takes ACTION.

It takes conscious EFFORT.

It takes a mental COMMITMENT to say to yourself: "I am going to create new thought forms that support me to make permanent changes in the way I think."

If you can change the way you think…everything …and I mean everything …will change.

So, if your thoughts go from "How am I going to pay this bill?" to "I am going to be homeless, living in a box, eating dirt," you might decide to wrestle that sucker down and think something new. Something like: "Even though I can’t find a solution to this right now, I can be open to some new possibilities." The trick is…ya gotta be listening to what you are telling yourself. Then, you have to consciously grab that thought and focus somewhere new. If you do that long enough, the new pathway will form. These new thoughts will become dominate.

One more thing…and this is a shameless plug. Using EFT really helps to release the old thoughts. So, if you want some support…give me a jingle:) 970-613-8498

4 Responses to “Cow Paths in the Brain!”

  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about!

    I find it helps me to write down on index cards the statements we come up with during the sessions and keep them right next to my computer so I see them all the time.

  2. Great idea Jenny. Keeping the statements in front of you helps to solidify those new pathways…until they become the consistent thoughts. Very cool indeedy!
    Thanks for your comment:~)

  3. Love the cow analogy Lynne! Do you just know this stuff or do you do lots or research? Either way, impressive.

    I started walking a path of with a new perspective a couple weeks ago and find I’m having lots of opportunities to walk it. Isn’t easy yet (guess the grass is still growing) This post reminds me to keep on treading (even though that old path keeps looking oh so familiar and secure..and the new path…takes more huffing and puffing” each time I take it.)

    Here’s a plug my experience “tapping” with you. It frees the mind to want to go forge a new path with confidence.

  4. Thanks for the shameless plug Kerry! I actually do research this kind of thing…I KNOW I am a total freak! Just can’t help myself:)
    Keep on puffin:)

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