Hello you cute as a button reader!

I recently started to notice that my fella and I start our day with our own language. Here is how it went this morning when we woke up:

ME: "Mornin’ sparkles"

My Fella: "Mornin’ Sprinkles"

ME: (In a sing song voice) "It’s time time time…for coffeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

My fella: "Yum Yum Yum Yum cofffeeeeeeeeeeee!"

We got up…gave our dog a cookie and then went and made coffee. Actually, my fella makes the coffee…cuz mine sucks! I clean the coffee pot when we are all done!

This morning, we decided to play coffee shop…yes, we are that cute! As we sat waiting for the coffee to do what it needs to do in order for us to be able to main line it …we got our laptops ready. I was humming a tune…the opening song to Seasame Street…and Mike was singing a funny version of "Iron Man" that one of his students made up (this kid is about 9 years old). Here is how it goes: "I am ice cream man…running over children in my ice cream van!"

Finally, coffee was ready. We both got up…looked at each other and started crackin’ up. After pouring our coffee into our huge coffee bowls…yummmmmmy…we sat back down. My fella started looking up this, that and the other thing…while I read emails. We were quiet. Doing what we were doing. All of a sudden, our crazy dog flips her toy up into the air…then grabs it in her mouth. SQUEEK!! SQUEEK !! SQUEEK!!!! (any of you who have talked to me recently has heard this sound:)) I call this her "burst of joy!"

My fella and I looked at each other and started to laugh again.

You see, my fella and I have our own communication style.

Sometimes, we connect words together that form coherent sentences with actual content!

Sometimes, we sing nonsensical songs!

Sometimes, we make up words to serve our own private meanings.

This morning has been pure nonsense. We have said nothing to each other with much content at all. But, we have laughed, gotten buzzed on caffeine…and had a really good time together.

What else is there?

I suppose I need to make some sort of profound point here…but, I really got nothin’!

I just wanted to share something light and easy…

Have a nonsensical day!

4 Responses to “Our Own Communication Style”

  1. Awww, what a fun post! I want to have breakfast at YOUR house.

    I spent my morning talking to four cats. Uhhhh…they have a name for someone like me. Crazy cat lady, isn’t it? But, heh, they talk back to me. It’s not my fault.

    When I was studying biology a few weeks ago, I learned about sense and nonsense strands of DNA. I couldn’t help but think, you know, I want to be the NONSENSE strand in the DNA of life!


  2. I think that is the only DNA that I have…pure nonsense!!!! We talk to our dog all day long…how come that is not considered crazy. “They” don’t have a “crazy dog lady”…do they?

    Ah well…whaddya gonna do.
    If you want to come over tomorrow for breakfast, I am making french toast!
    Love ya!

  3. You two must both be morning people, quite cheery I think next to most folks. You two are your playing “coffee shop” is pretty darn cute. Makes me want to ask my hubby if he wants to play.

    Love the “I am Ice Cream Man…running over people in my Ice Cream Van”–creative kiddo,
    already writing songs perfect for starting the day.

  4. We are morning people…my boys were always annoyed by that once they hit teen years:
    Son 1: “Gawd mom…you are too damned happy in the morning!”
    Son 2: Mom…how come you are always so happy in the morning?”

    Me: “Rise and shine and rinse some brine!!!”

    Both of the boys at once, while rolling their eyes: “Gawd…there she goes again!”

    I just can’t help myself:)
    Thanks for your comment Kerry~
    Love ya!

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