Hi there…so, I was going to write another post about people pleasing…but, something came up that just won’t get the hell out of my brain.

I had to go to the doctors again yesterday…post op kind of thing.

Doc: "How are you doing Lynne?"

Me: "Good! Good!" (I give her one of my beaming smiles)

Doc: "Well, let’s takes a look at how your stitches are doin’…ummmm can you scoot down a bit more?"

Me: "Uh, OK…"

Doc: (Hangin out between my legs) "How is the pain doing on your right side?"

Me: (Getting a bit uncomfortable with the doctor poking around in there): "Uh, it’s still there…but, not as bad!"

Doc: "Okay..that’s all done. You can sit up. So you are still in pain?"

Me: "Just a little. Only once in awhile. Usually, after I do some weeding or try and clean the shower…that kind of thing (giving her another beaming smile). But, I am having a bit of hormonal trouble…I think that is what it is. I break out sweating for no reason. I feel really emotionally flat…I am just not feeling as perky as I thought I would!" (Another smile)

Doc: "OK Lynne, I really want you to hear this! It is going to take up to 6 months to feel better. This surgery is very intense on the body. It takes time to recover. But, let’s check your hormones in case you need some support with that."

Me: "I appreciate all that you have done. I really do feel tons better! Thanks so much"

As I was walking out of the office with my slip of paper, for another blood test (I hate having my blood drawn), I realized that I wanted my doctor to be pleased with my recovery process.


It didn’t seem to matter that I wasn’t pleased with my recovery….I just wanted the doctor to be pleased!

Forget my hormones…is there a pill for this??????

4 Responses to “Scoot Down a Little Bit More….”

  1. Oh, man, I’ve TOTALLY been there! When Trey and I go grocery shopping, I get all worried if he doesn’t thank both the checker outer and the person who bags our groceries, and I make sure I thank them, because I don’t want them to feel unappreciated or have their feelings get hurt.

  2. I do the same thing! I think we need to start a forum for all us folks who are people pleasers:) We can share our stories and give each other support. We certainly are a polite group of people!

  3. Lynnes, I so get this. Today I included a pharmacist (new one, at speciality pharmacy I’d never been to before) Why? Cause I don’t want him to judge me a wimp. A wimp because I decided with my doctor to take an un-FDA approved med. because I want to feel better and function better!

    Crazy, but glad to be in good company!!!

  4. Crazy loves good company!

    Let me know how the new medication works…crossing my fingers for you. Good for your doctor for thinking outside the box~
    Talk to you soon~

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