Welcome New Readers!

I have attracted hundreds of new readers over the last couple of months, since I moved my blog to WordPress.  Wow…this move has been amazing!

The thing is though…most of these new readers seem to be SPAM.  Some of the names are obvious like: Frank Srinkle…who wants to tell me about breast implants.  Then there is Anthony Fri98**@ who seems to want me to have my penis enlarged.  Oh, and I can’t forget Sally Smith who wants to tell me all about the scandel with Brittany.

Some of the names are not so obvious….I see in my email that there is a comment from some one new…and I get all excited.  Click on the name: Rose Trindel or Sam Samuelson or Sara Frugson…and then…darn it!  It’s SPAM again.  They don’t really want to comment on my blogIn fact, my guess is they really never even read the post!

Over the last couple of weeks, these fans of mine have become trickier then before!  They have started to leave comments that say “great blog!”  “Nice website!”  followed by all sorts of strange things that talk about body parts, Tom Cruz and getting a toned butt without working out!

So, what I would like to say to all my new SPAM readers is I don’t really want any new body parts, and I don’t care what Tom Cruz said to the Dali Lama…as for the toned butt without working out….hmmmmm…do you have any pamphlets???

I appreciate your support BUT…I would rather you stopped coming by to visit.  It is beginning to affect my self esteem, realizing that I have more SPAM hits than real readers!

As for my real readers…the ones who live in human bodies and have human thoughts,  I love you hangin’ out here and sharing in the conversations.  It is so fun to hear what you have to say and to comment back.  As for those of you who just stop by for a read and don’t feel inspired to comment, that’s okay! Since I have google analytics, I can see that you have stopped by, how long you stayed…what country you live in and even what town or city you live in.

Who knew that I was BIG BROTHER!!!

Have a SPAM free day!

1 Response to “Welcome new readers!”

  1. Good question…I think I might email WordPress and ask them what to do. This spam thing is buggin’ me~

    Talk to you soon~
    Love ya

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