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Recently, I have been doing lots of things that are forcing my brain to engage.  I joined Twitter.  I joined Face book. I am working with my fabulous friend Christine on our radio show…which will begin in January…January 8th to be exact.  I will share more about that with you later:).  I am learning how to use blog talk radio….how to use our new snazzy camera that can actually put pictures on the computer!  I know…I know…everyone has been doing this for a long time…but, not me! Learning how to do podcasts (which will be on my website soon!), videos (also a new website addition)….and some other things that I can’t remember cuz my brain hurts!

My brain has been super uber engaged.

Something about learning technology that just makes my head…ummm…or brain….feel…hmmmmmm…like it is working really hard!!!!  I can almost hear crunching sounds in my head…sometimes it sounds like ice cracking…whatever this is…my synaptic responses are definitely creating brand spankin’ new pathways.

Now, because these pathways are so brand spankin’ new…the information doesn’t always stick.  After focusing REALLY HARD on learning how to log on to face book and write stuff…I went to bed all proud of myself, looking forward to playing with this again in the morning, only to wake up with my brain wiped clean.  When I say “clean”…I mean…completely clean.  Which means I had to relearn the whole damned thing again!!!!

So after a few weeks of listing myself on this website and that…creating profiles here and there…learning face book…signing up for Twitter ( which I still don’t get the point of!)…playing with the camera…downloading pictures to this place and that…clicking on this…closing that…uploading here and there…video recording…and podcasting…

*Oh…and I also was turned onto Pandora which allows me to create personalized radio shows with all of the music I love…so, I can listen to fabulous music while my brain is super uber engaged!

…saving this, copying that…over and over again until the synaptic pathway is actually solid…I am feeling sort of out of steam.  My VA was trying to show me something this morning and I couldn’t understand any of it!  This is what I heard:  “Blah Blah  Blahblahblah  at 10:45 blah blah!”

WHEW!  I am pooped.  No…my brain is pooped. It’s like nothing new…or old for that matter will go in.  So, I have decided to just be dis-engaged with technology for the next hour…until I have to link onto SKYPE for my calls this afternoon.

I think I can remember how to do that.

I think.

I was going to ask a bunch of inquiring questions to engage you in the conversation…but….can’t think of any.  Uh-oh…I hope I can engage my brain for my fabulous clients…

Wish me luck.

5 Responses to “Engaging the brain…or not!”

  1. Yay! You’re on Facebook!! :)

  2. Hi Jenny!~ I have been trying to find you on facebook. Can you send me a friend thingie??

  3. I know what you’re going through. It was tough enough wrapping my feeble brain around RSS feeds and readers, etc. I gave up on that other thing — I forget what it was actually. Oh, yes, Trackback. Blogger doesn’t do Trackbacks so you need to install Greasemonkey on FireFox with a special script that also asks for your Delicio.us (what’s that, exactly?) account credentials…. After all of which it didn’t work. Uuugh

    Douglas Adams had this to say about technology (In The Salmon of Doubt):

    1. Anything that is in the world when you’re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works.
    2. Anything that’s invented between when you’re fifteen and thirty-five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it.
    3. Anything invented after you’re thirty-five is against the natural order of things.

    You’ll do fine. Just take good notes. And remember that websites like Facebook change, sometimes overnight.

  4. Hey square peg! I LOVE that you quoted Douglas Adams…in fact I just might have to use those points in my next blog. Hilarious:)

    As for the other thingies you mentioned…all I read was “Blah blah trackback blah blah.” Grease who?
    Trackback what???????
    Okay…my head hurts again. Mr Adams is always so wise…I am over 35;)

  5. This is your trusty VA. Breathe in, breathe out–repeat as necessary. Too much at one time always throws you for a loop. Isn’t it wonderful you have such a fabulous sense of humor? What would you do without that?

    I’m reading a Twitter book. I think I’m getting the hang of it. Send me your Facebook signup one you can be Techie Goddess again.

    I’m over 35, too. It’s a HUGE job for me to learn what my daughter learns in 10 minutes and my granddaughter seems to have been born knowing. Amazing!

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