Happy Holidays everyone!

I was gonna write something about the holidays and dealing with families…but, something more important has dropped into my cute little holiday brain.

This weekend I spent some time watching TV.  Over and over again there were Victoria’s Secret commercials with these women in red bra’s and long red skirts running up and down stair cases…I think there were presents involved too.   I am not sure what the story is that they are trying to tell.  Are these women confused about where to put the presents?  Are they looking for the tree?  Did they forget which floor they put their shirts?  Did they just want to run up and down the stairs…reliving some childhood moments?

These commercials make me laugh….but, under the laughter there is discomfort.  If these commercials are targeting women, I am not sure if these kinds of commercials are the way to go.  I certainly don’t feel a strong desire to go out and buy a push up bra and a big skirt and start running around a mansion!  If they are targeting men…it makes me question men.  Do guys really find it sexy seeing two women running around looking confused and sorta stupid?  Oh…men are probably not looking at their faces…oh, I get it.  Boobs, bras and running.


I was chatting with my girlfriend this morning and we wondering about this together.  She mentioned that seeing these commercials stirs up feelings of not being sexy enough, not being thin enough….not being good enough.  I don’t think she is the only one to feel this way…in fact, I KNOW she is not!!!!

I think Victoria’s Secret needs a make over.

I am tired of how sexist these commercials are.  Women looking stupid, or pouty…or like they just got laid…and now they want more…and more…and more…all night long.  I know that I am taking this a bit seriously…I know that these are just commercials…but, I am tired of them.  I wonder about how young girls feel when they see these commercials.  How about young boys?

I am not really sure where to go with this conversation…it is an old topic and one that has been talked about for centuries.

…but, I think there is hope.

If we can elect a black man to be president of the United States…maybe…just maybe…we can stop objectifying women!

Happy Holidays:)

3 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret needs a make over…”

  1. If we can elect a black man to be president of the United States…maybe…just maybe…we can stop objectifying women!

    Amen, sistah!!

  2. Lynne, Great post! Sooo funny too. I have seen one of these commercials, the woman is in this low cut skirt that is about 10 feet wide with red satin tiers–and a low, low cut push UP bra. You are so right, she looks confused, what the heck is she doing?

    And you said it, who are the commercials for? I know I always turn the channel when one comes on if I’m in charge of the romote. If someone else has the remote, I’ll start a distracting conversation…because they make me feel so darn uncomfortable!

    And…like you said Lynne, not once has a V.S. commercial got me thinking “I want to buy that”!… instead I think “I could never buy that…because I could never look like “she” does in it.”

    If I happen to walk through V.S.–I buy panties to put in my daughters stockings each year (no not thongs–nice modest hipsters). I see all the pretty garments and that’s when I start thinking “hmmm..,maybe I could wear that.”

    Perhaps we should write VS some letters. We like their stuff, but not what they seem to be trying to say in their adds.

    Now I can’t wait to see the commercial again and call my hubby in…not so we can look at the “objectified woman” but so we can try to figure out why she’s going up and down the stairs, what she’s looking for and why she’s so confused.

    Lynne thanks for both a good laugh and a good thunk! Love, Kerry

  3. Glad you babes liked this post. I saw the commercial again last night…and felt much better. I think sometimes writing this blog can be theraputic….Kerry, if you and your fella figure out what they are doing, let me know! Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

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