Okay…so, yesterdays post was kind of intense.  Ya, I know.  The shadow can feel…ummm…. kind of painful sometimes~ Looking at the shadow can be very humbling indeedy!

Let’s take a look at the light side…the sunnier side 😉

On yesterday’s post I had you think of someone who really bugs you…today let’s do the opposite.  Think of someone who you like…or better yet…who inspires you.  What about them inspires you?  What are the traits that inspire you?

I have been blessed with amazing friendships…I have had people come and go from my life that I will never forget.  When I think of all the people I have been honored to know, I think of their traits…courage, humor, compassion, brilliance, creativity…on and on the list goes.  Well, guess what?  Just like people mirror our shadow…they also mirror our light.  The cool traits that I see in others, are traits that I have.  I could not see them unless I had them.

Think of it like this: When you judge someone…that is about you.  When you find something to complement someone about…that is about you too:)  Pretty straight forward!

So let’s go back to the person who inspires you.  How do those traits show up in you? Try looking for the direct interpretations AND the more subtle interpretations.

For example: I have lots of creative people in my life.  I am married to an artist, one of my sons is an artist, I have friends who are painters, writers and potters.  I am attracted to creatives.  I love artistic people.  But me?  Hmmmmm…I can’t say that I am an artist but, I am creative.  I love to decorate.  I love to play with glass,  I love to garden. I am very creative in how I work with people.  This love of creative energy shows up within myself all the time.  In fact, sometimes when I am feeling crappy a way through this is for me to do something creative.  Or chat with one of the creative people in my life and hear about the cool things that they are up to. That always makes me feel better.

If you feel inspired, make a list of all those traits that you honor in other people.  Explore the ways that these are expressed by you.  To take it one step further, in the morning when you wake up, ask yourself: “How can I express __________ today?”

Taking it even further, at the end of the day, spend some time writing down ways that you connected with this inspired trait.

How did it feel?

What did this trait allow you to do that you may not have been able to do without it?

What surprised you about this trait?

I invite you to have some fun with this.  Have fun mirroring other peoples light AND letting other people mirror your own light!

Have a shiny bright day!

2 Responses to “I just LOVE how you mirror my light!”

  1. Love this, already thinking of traits I love about my friends and am feeling pretty good about myself. Hmmm (as you already know), quite a balance here with both the shadow to keep us humble and the light to keep us feeling good about ourselves.

    Love the humor you write with Lynne! (Hmmm, that must mean I have a sense of humor too, not has honed as yours, but it must be here somewhere, because I sure admire yours!)

  2. Are you kidding me? You are so funny! That is just one of a gazillion reasons that I love hangin out with ya 😉

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