I woke up this morning to a gorgeous scene outside our bedroom window.  More snow had fallen while we slept and as the sun came up…the whole road had this amazing glow.  It just took my breath away.   This scene also seems to have taken my ability to think away because the next minute I turned towards the hall and did a running slide.  Forgetting that my foot was still recovering from this weekends skipping accident.

All I can say is that I never fully realized that my moments of joy are followed by either skipping, singing or sliding on the wood floors with my socks on…or a combination of the three. When the weather is warmer, I have been known to do cartwheels outside.  And sometimes…when I am feeling super duper joyful, I run down the hall and do a sommersault on my bed (which makes my stomach drop and I just LOVE that!).

Back to sliding down the hall with my fuzzy socks…

Well, when I put pressure on my hurt foot…the one that I forgot was hurt…let’s just say that I was clearly reminded that it was still a bit tender.  As I write this blog…my foot has decided to be the home base for my heart beat.  I think I need to elevate it again.

Sorry foot!

No running, skipping, sliding, cartwheeling or sommersaulting for the next few days!!  I guess I can contain my bursts of joy by singing nonsensical songs!  That sounds like fun…

La La la lahhhhhhhh~

Have a joyfully intact day!

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