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My fella and I were out on a walk this last weekend.  We were both chatting about how relieved we are that our bankruptcy is all over.  Yes folks…we are now officially bankrupt!

We went to court on Friday and the trustee was a very kind, compassionate man.  He asked what brought us to this situation. I told him what happened with the insurance company…he just shook his head.  He said that he is hearing this more and more. Insurance companies denying payment due to “pre-existing conditions”  which we all know…can mean ANYTHING! The whole process went very smoothly AND I cried most of the way home.

Okay…back to the walk.  We were chatting and affirming how relieved we were that the process was over.  As my fella chatted,  I started to dance about.  Then, I began skipping.  Then, I decided to do a sideways skip while singing a song that I was making up about being relieved.  When all of a sudden…

…the side of my hiking boot caught the cement and down I went.  My ankle twisted, my knee slammed onto the cement and my hands skidded along the ground.

My first thought was NOT am I hurt? My first thought was “Oh shit…how embarrassing!”  I turned beat red and then I started laughing (which is something that always happens when I hurt myself.  In fact, the more I laugh, the more hurt I am!).  So, I am laying on the cement, my foot in a funny angle, crackin up!  My fella of course was worried that I had broken something.  He said the fall was “amazing!”


So, back home we went.  I was on the couch with my foot elevated when my son came home:

My son: “Hey mom what did you do to your foot?”

My fella (from the other room):”She twisted her ankle.  She was skipping and singing at the same time!”

My son (looking at me and shaking his head):  “Mom!  Maybe you are getting to old to skip around!”

Me (thinking he was lucky that I didn’t have anything near me to throw at him!): “NO!  It was because I was skipping AND singing at the same time!”

My son just looked at me and laughed.

All I can say is that he is lucky that I have so much restraint! 😉

So here I am (the next day) with my black and blue foot on a bunch of pillows….and all I can do is laugh and shake my head.

Yes, the Universe does have a damned good sense of humor…luckily so do I!!!!

Hope you have a graceful day!

3 Responses to “skipping down the road…”

  1. Here’s to bankruptcy behind you, skipping and singing at the same time (admirable even if coordination isn’t up to it) sons to keep us humble and to your black and blue ankle that I hope is soon back to health and function!

    Take it easy Lynne–keep that foot up and as I can already tell, you are keeping your spirits up! Love, Kerry

  2. Yes, embarrassment is often my first thought, too! :)

    Fortunately you didn’t need a trip to the ER, with the insurance company denying coverage. They of course would claim that since you were skipping AND singing, your accident was based on your pre-existing condition of being uncoordinated! :)

    Anyway, glad your bankruptcy is over and that you were able to skip and sing about it!

  3. Thanks Kerry and Mr Peg! I am so glad that I didn’t need to go to the ER…cuz your right! They would have denied my claim since I was skipping AND singing and since I was born klutzy! Dontcha just love it???

    Glad the B is over too. What a relief!

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