When I first started this blog I thought that I was gonna focus on little helpful hints for folks…little self growth helpful hints…or little bursts of compassion helpful hints…but, soon I got sorta bored.  I still sprinkle some of those things through out various posts but this blog has evolved into a random stream of consciousness.

The radio show beginning March 2nd will be much more focused :)

So, without further ado, I would like to share my stream of consciousness for this morning:

ME: “Yummy, yummy coffee…I love my coffee (sung while waiting for coffee to be ready).

MY FELLA: “Hey Lynne, come here!  (He is listening to a news video about the housing market)…check this out!”  He plays the video and the woman uses the word “nefarious.”

We both laugh…he had used that word the other day and we didn’t know what it meant.  It just sounded really cool!

ME: “Okay…I gotta go blog blog blog!” (sung while dancin’ down the hall)

I get everything up and running…coffee right next to me and I am ready to type.  But, I am quickly distracted by the fact that I am wearing my fella’s PJ bottoms and my Obama tee shirt.  Now, it is not a big deal that I am wearing PJ’s first thing in the morning.  It’s the fact that I have been wearing these pants for the last 3 days.

Yes, I have showered every day.

Yes, I have changed…you know…my under things.

Yes, I have changed my shirt.  Yesterday, I was wearing my Saturn Cafe tee shirt!

I have taken casual to a whole new level since working at home.  I can tell things are getting kinda weird cuz last week, I was wearing my jeans…and a “life is good” tee shirt…when my son said to me: “Hey mom, you look nice.  Your all dressed up!”

I looked at him and said: “You mean, I am all dressed!”

I took a few classes from a woman years ago when I was training to become a Life Coach. She said that she always dressed up for her day even though she worked at home.  She would shower, put on her work clothes and start her day.  At that time, I was still dressing in “out in the world” clothes and thought that she was being a bit extreme.

Now I am starting to wonder.

Maybe it would be “good” for me to get up, shower, dress in “out and about” clothes before I start my day…

Hmmmmmm…that is an interesting thought!


I think I will just go buy a prettier pair of PJ bottoms!

7 Responses to “Stream of Consciousness…hmmm is that the right spelling?”

  1. Lynne, Can so relate.

    My hubby just started working at home full time and I am home full time with chronic illness. It was mid morning yesterday when we looked at each other and laughed. He dove into the day at the crack of dawn with a phone mtg. and had thrown on an old t-shirt and sweats right before. He had no time between back to back phone meetings to get his hair together, shave etc… I was having a tough morning and was still in my pj’s.

    We decided we are definately saving money on wardrobe needs.

    I always enjoy your streams of consiousness!

  2. :)
    Ah…all of us hangin at home…some of us workin’…some of us restin’~ feels kinda nice in a way!
    You are so right…great way to save money on clothes!

  3. I have to be dressed for 1-2 hours on Wed. to tutor. And right now it feels like it takes me the other 6 days of the week to rest/recover from just those 2 hrs of having to be dressed.

    Who knew clothes could really take it out of you like that? 😛

  4. Hey jenny! I know what you mean!!! For me it is choosing what to wear. All I have is one pair of jeans so that is easy…but, which tee shirt? Hmmmmmm….
    Actually, I have lots of warm weather clothes…skirts, dresses…I wear those a lot. They feel as cozy and comfy as PJ’s!

  5. I get dressed every day, if you could call it “dressed.” For winter I have several pairs of sweat pants and long sleeve t-shirts — heavy sweats for cold days and lightweight for cool days. Then I have leggings with long sweaters and t-shirts. Warm weather stuff is real easy – tanks and capris (I don’t wear shorts!). And because of costochondritis (ribs directly under bra band on both sides) “real” bras hurt. So I have a bunch of those tank tops with built-in bras and they are SO comfy. When I go out I just throw on a short-sleeve or sleeveless shirt over the tank. I’m all for comfort at home and out and about.

  6. Hi there Prof S~
    Yep…I can totally relate to your wardrobe:) I wear those kind of tank tops too…bras are so uncomfy! And I am not a buxom babe so tanks work great :)
    I guess we are the comfy crowd!

  7. I have a client who used to work in the corporate world. She gets up every morning and gets ready as if she were going to her corporate job–right down to the jewelry. I’m so glad it makes her feel good–I would never be able to work. I’d be so uncomfortable!

    Oh, and I had two pair of slacks that always felt like jammies so when they got too worn for “going places” clothes I just turned them into jammies. Am I brilliant or what? I wear T-shirts as jammy tops and even when I’m going to work for a while before I shower (OK, I confess, some days it just doesn’t happen–it’s jammies all day) I comb my hair. I someone stops by unexpectedly they really don’t know I’m still in jammies. :>) It’s fun.

    I can’t even imagine going back to having to wear nylons, uncomfortable shoes, tight slacks–whatever it was that I used to wear! Working from home is just the very best thing in the world! I’m happy for the people who like to get all dressed up to work at home. Personally, I feel very professional in my jammy-feeling clothes.

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