It’s just NOT fair!

My fella works with all of these kids…teachin them guitar.  He comes home with hilarious stories and sweet stories.  He also comes home with germs.  He might have a day now and then when he feels puny…but, that is about it.  He has a super duper strong immune system.

Not me.

Mine is still a bit…sensitive.

So when he brings these invisible guests to our home…they tend to gravitate to me.

Must be cuz I am cuter! :)

Anyway, I was sick with some kind of flu thing a few weeks ago.  Now I got another one.  Another one!  Headache, fever, sore throat, dizzy, tight chest (and not in a good way).  Bummer.

I have been doing all of these things to build up my immune system.  I think the next step is to cover myself in germ free plastic when I am around him.  No more kisses for him.  No more sharing glasses of juice.  No more holding hands.  No more tasting a bit of something on his plate. No more physical contact of any kind.

Not the most fun plan.

But I am at a loss of what to do.

Time for sterilization.

Maybe I can invent a sterilization machine that he steps into when he walks in the door.   When he exits the machine he would be free of bad germs. Super sci fi~

What else can we try?

I wonder if that hand sanitizer stuff can be drunk?

Maybe I need to become one of those people that use those handi wipe things on every surface of their homes constantly.  They carry hand sanitizer in their purses.  They won’t touch door handles.  And if someone sneezes near them, they find the closest bathroom and scrub themselves down.


Well, until we figure this out…I am going to be laying down with a big cup of tea, a blank-y and a good movie.

Signed:  Puny again in Loveland, CO

2 Responses to “It’s just not fair (said in a whiney voice)”

  1. I hate to say it but the hand sanitizer thing really IS pretty close to accurate. Even though I know your honey is a clean kinda guy, if he washes his hands with (ooh, I hate to even say this) an antibacterial soap and then you clean the doorknob with one of those wipe thingies, it really does help. Hand washing is the very VERY best way to not catch stuff. I have no doubt it’s all over him but at least you might avoid 50% of the nasty, germy, microscopic thingies. Oh, and if you drive the same car, they say that wiping the steering wheel is a kind of good idea, too. This germ crap and immune system crap is truly a crappy thing!

    One more thing–I’m not sure but I think those super-duper air cleaner, ion-making thingies are supposed to work well for germ, too, but don’t quote me on it. Maybe one of your other readers will know.

    Health-bringing hugs to you–

  2. Hey Cynthia~ We just bought one of those air cleaners! So, I am hoping that will help. My fella does use that anti bacterial stuff…that is why I am wondering if maybe he needs to drink it 😉

    Ahhhhh germs…can’t live with them and can’t live without them!

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