I apologize for my silly posts of late.  Nothing profound going on upstairs!  Lights on but nobody is home.

Here is another silly experience that happened the other day:

Last year I shared a story about some squirrels moving into our attic area.  They promptly moved out when the weather warmed up.  I guess they didn’t like the bazillion degree sauna effect that happens in the attic during the warmer months 😉

Well, they are back.

I think it is the same family because they have the same arguments that the last family had…and they chew with their mouths open (just like the visitors did last year)!  Oh, and they like to chew on the wood beams…just like the previous visitors.

Yep.  I think it is the same family.

I took a peek up there recently to say “hi” and make sure they had enough wood to chew and clean towels for their showers.  But, they were sort of rude and did not say “hi” back.  In fact, all of the rustling that I had been hearing in the ceiling above my office stopped.

Maybe they were shy.

So, I waited.  I stood on the ladder, quietly watching the corner where they had been romping around just a few minutes before.

My mind drifted…I started wondering if we could use the space for something other than a squirrel motel…maybe I could put my office up here..hmmmmmm…we could put a little stairway there and some sky lights and I could paint it a pretty sky blue color…la la la…

All of a sudden…I saw a fuzzy little head and two sparkling eyes looking at me. The eyes didn’t look particularly friendly.  They looked sort of mischievous.  Like there was something up that I didn’t know about and the joke was on me.  I flashed on it jumping on my head and then I would be a bad character in a bad Chevy Chase movie running around screaming with a squirrel attached to my hair!

Or maybe it looked annoyed.  Annoyed that I was bothering him/her with my presence.  Like at any moment it was going to sigh and say “What the hell do you want????  Can’t you see I am busy????”

Since both thoughts seemed possible and because I am who I am, and I can’t help it, I apologized to the squirrel.  Out loud!


My voice seemed to startle this squirrel into action because it took off…bounding across the attic and then disappeared.  I couldn’t tell how or where it got out…maybe there is some secret squirrel passage way that we can’t see.  Wherever it went, it was gone.  In a blink of an eye.

I took one last look around the attic.  They had certainly kept the place clean.  I appreciate that.  I closed up the hatch and climbed down the ladder.

As I write this, they are busy again.  I can hear them shuffling around and chewing on things.  Sounds like wood.  Unless they brought in some crunchy take out.  They love this corner of the attic.  Right above my head in my office.  Right there in the corner.  I fussed at them earlier…told them to stop making so much noise.  They were obliging.  For a bit.  But, now they are back at it…crunch crunch shuffle shuffle crunch!

And it is only April.

And immediate eviction is a difficult thing to implement.  Takes the county forever to get them out.  All that paper work.  Ugh.

Which means they will be here for at least another month or longer depending on how the weather goes.

Once the weather warms up, they will take off.  We will try to find the secret passage ways and close them up.


Until they leave, I guess we will be house mates.

Maybe they would be friendlier if I gave them some treats.  Kind of like chocolates on the pillows of the fancier hotels. Maybe if I got them some nuts….some fancy nuts.  Organic almonds or something.  That would be nice.  Do you think they would enjoy that?

Well, I am just not sure.

Until I figure it out, I guess I better get their little towels washed so they don’t hop down to our bathroom and take our towels.  They seem like those kind of squirrels.  Ya know?  Not very gracious.  Not very aware of the fact that we live right below them! Making noise at all hours of the day and night!

Drives me nuts.

Pun intended.

2 Responses to “The Squirrels are Back!”

  1. Thanks for the chuckle. Yes, they love nuts but it might be considered an invitation to stay longer. Oh, and be sure to find a way to mark that spot where that one squirrel disappeared so you can find that hole and seal it up when warm weather appears.

  2. :)
    We looked and looked and could not find where it got out. Now we think maybe it just hid from us. Sneaky little visitors 😉

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