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I came to my blog this morning all ready to do some writing.  My coffee poured into one of my favorite cups, some nice classical music playing in the background, wearing my favorite T-shirt of the week and my comfy jammie pants.  I decided to wear my tiara too just for kicks!  I was feeling all sorts of confidence in my ability to cut and paste…and in my new found ability to add pictures to my blog.

But alas…the gods had decided to take away the picture that had been posted yesterday. It was there yesterday.  I saw it with my own eyes!  The award was posted all confident and happy!  Then, this morning…gone.  GONE!!!!

Here is a quick recap of what happened yesterday…

I was basking in all of my glory.  I enjoyed receiving “The lovely blog award” and spent a bazillion hours trying to figure out how to paste the award image in my blog and then doing all of the copying and pasting to pay this award forward.  It took me so long to do all of this that I decided that I would let folks know tomorrow that I had given them the award…

Today, that image (of the award) is gone.  I don’t know where it went and I don’t know how to get it back.  Since I don’t have the image of the award, I can’t have people come to my site to receive it. Do I still let people know that I want to give them the award even though I can’t?  Do I just let folks know how much I enjoy their blogs?  Do I just delete yesterday’s post after all of the work? All of these thoughts and questions are swirling around my little brain.  What to do…what to do.

Weirdly, I still have my tiara on and I feel sorta silly about that. I also feel sort of rebellious about it too.  Don’t I deserve to wear a tiara even when I mess things up? I mean can’t I just blame it on something else due to the fact that I am wearing a tiara?  It’s the gods fault…the technology gods…they are to blame.

Yeah, that feels better!

I have made my decision….I am going to let folks know that I gave them the award and that they can’t pick it up at my blog…but, I will tell them how much I enjoy their blogs:)

“Here is your award!  Sorry there is no award.  But, I enjoy your blog anyway!”

Well, I gotta take this tiara off, it is bugging my head.  My royal reign was very short!  My coffee cup is empty…time to fill it up:)  The classical music me doesn’t feel so fun anymore…I think I will put on some Grateful Dead. The jammie pants and T-shirt stay!

Wow, things sure can change quickly in my world!

Except my clothes 😉

2 Responses to “As I sit here in my tiara and Pj’s…”

  1. Here’s the URL for the image. There should be something on your blog posting where you can add an image and it will give you two choices, either from your computer or to put in an http:// URL. Try this where it asks for a link to an URL http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_APAzHChd3gg/Sjd5cka8cqI/AAAAAAAAAsQ/xaMxMH53hSE/s1600/one-lovely-blog-award-image.jpg

    If that doesn’t work, send ’em to my place to pick up the picture :)

    And don’t ditch that tiara!!

  2. Hey Sherlock~ Thanks for the help…I will give this a try after I am done with my calls :)
    Nah, I won’t ditch the tiara 😉

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