Well, it happened.

I am so relieved.

I was worried that it wouldn’t.

But, finally…it did!

At 2:35am this morning, I got my sense of funny back.  Remember I lost it here?

Here is what happened:  My youngest son had the brilliant idea of putting my pillow into the freezer so that it would be nice and cold for me to sleep on….hence…yes, hence…it would help ease my hot flashes. We tried this the other night…using two plastic grocery bags to cover the pillow up…we placed the pillow into the freezer for about an hour.  Took the plastic bags off of it…then I laid down.  Ahhhhhhhh nice, icy cold bliss!!! The problem with this brilliant idea is that the cold only lasted a little while and then I was back to shakin and bakin~

So, yesterday morning my son and I came up with the idea of putting the pillow in the freezer for the whole day.  Thinkin that the longer it was in there, the longer it would stay cold (I never did pass physics!).  I decided to use one of the kitchen garbage bags…to keep the pillow away from the freezer smell.

*What the hell is that smell anyway?  The freezer is clean…maybe the ice cubes?

Anyway, back to the story…we tucked the pillow into the big white bag and placed it into the freezer.

*Now, what we hadn’t thought of was that these particular garbage have this anti-smell smelly stuff on the inside of them.  I had picked up this product in a hurry and thought I was just getting ordinary non-stinky garbage bags.  Instead I picked up stinky…this product doesn’t want your garbage to smell…smelly bags.

Last night, we took the pillow out of the bag.  And I jumped into bed all happy to have this wonderful cold, fluffy pillow under my head.  Goal achieved!  Yay us!!!

For some reason…I didn’t notice anything funny about the pillow.

I woke up at 2:30 with my face itching and really really really hot.  I was no longer laying on my back but, was laying face down on the pillow.

I lay there for a moment wondering what the heck was going on.  Did I get bit by something?  Was it the new lotion I had been using for a couple of days?  Was I just having another hot flash.  Within seconds the answer came.  The bags.  The kitchen bags.  They had smelly stuff in them.  Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I jumped up and headed into the bathroom.

My face was covered in hives.


As I looked at my bumpy, red itchy face I had this amazingly clear image:  Up in the ethers somewhere, there is this group of dead comics.  Looking for the funny.  Just hanging out planning hilarious little jokes on us folks hangin out in physical form.

This was a group of old dead women who loved physical humor.  You know the kind of humor: Some pretty woman is walking down the street trips on her high healed shoe, then knocks into this good looking guy, who then saves her from falling.  And as he helps her he loses his balance and steps in a big puddle…which splashes a old woman sitting on a bench waiting for a bus…

You get the picture…

Well, these old dead women were in the ethers…having a dandy giggle at my whole pillow extravaganza…as I stared at my face, the hives started going away and I started to giggle….then I started to laugh.

As I climbed back into bed…having removed the pillow case and putting a nice thick non smelly towel over the pillow…I thought about the old women…the universal comics…glad they are there playing and having fun.  Maybe when I die they will let me hang out with them.

Until then…thanks Universal Comics…you made my night!

Today I gotta go shoppin for a new pillow~  maybe they make special pillows for cold lovers!

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