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Before I jump into the topic at hand, I want to tell you about an upcoming 3-day workshop that is going to be held here in Northern Colorado November 6,7th and 8th.  If you are an EFT Practitioner or someone who wants to become more skilled at using EFT on your own…we would love to have you there.  Not only is Rue Hass going to be leading a full day intensive, we have 8 other brilliant presenters from the EFT community sharing a diverse selection of topics.  The focus of this weekend is “What is healing?”  I am going to be there as well, leading a group conversation around this tender topic~  Would love to meet you face to face :)

To find out more~ www.intuitivementoring.com or click here 😉

Okay…back to the topic at hand…dead people and their stuff.  Many of you out there in blog land have had to deal with stuff left behind by loved ones.  Some folks leave a little…some folks leave a lot!  Either way, it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out what to do with it all.

I worked with a woman recently who had a whole garage filled with her parents things.  They have been dead for about 10 years and she had been unable to use her garage since then.  Plus, quite a few pieces landed in her house along with the furniture she already had…couches, chairs, lamps, tables, china…let’s just say they left a lot of stuff. And let’s just say that she felt attached to their things and guilty about letting them go.

A bit of a cuffufle!

After tapping on many different conflicting aspects of this whole “dead parents stuff” clump she found the freedom to let most of it go.  She decided to have a big garage sale…made $1023.00 and bought new carpeting :)  Nice!

I received an email from her a couple of days ago and she shared how much lighter she felt and how much more she was enjoying her home.  She had bought a beautiful frame, placed her favorite picture of her folks in it and placed it by her bed so that she could visit with them before going to sleep.  She was also excited because she could finally pull her car into her garage.  The other fun thing that happened for her was she went back to doing her art…she had the room now.   On many levels :)

Well, I have my own version of this scenario.  Not a garage filled with stuff.  Not a house filled with stuff.  But there are these pieces of things that I have from my dead loved ones, that I keep around…and I don’t even like them.  I have a vase that my friend Deanna left behind…it is a silver pitcher that has a dent in it.  I remember when we dented it…we were stoned, laughing about something and we knocked it off the counter which made us laugh even harder.  Good times.  Good times. :)

That silver pitcher sits up in a cabinet in my kitchen.  I have never gotten it fixed and I have never used it.  I almost gave it away before we moved to this nice and cozy house…but, I didn’t. It just stays in my life and reminds of that particular memory…which of course, I love.

Then there are the 2 huge antique chairs that take up way to much room…that I don’t like and don’t particularly have great memories with.  They belong to my dead husband and I think that it is rather rude that he didn’t take them with him.  Oh…and the grandfather clock.  Big pieces that were left behind.  I have moved them from house to house…each time telling myself that I need to find them new homes.  Homes where people will love them and want to hang out with them.

They are valuable…monetarily…but, I don’t know what they are worth.  I just know the story about how they came to live with him.   Not my story…his.  And I have them here with me out of some sort of odd guilt.  Part of me wants to put them out front with a sign on them that says “Free!”  But, that would be bad.  He would be bummed at me if I did that.  He LOVED those damned chairs.  I don’t.  He did.

The clock and the chairs have begun to be known as “my chairs of guilt.”  Annoying name…but, totally true.

And since I don’t love this drained feeling that I get every time I look at them…I have finally decided to do something about them.  There are steps that I need to take.  I need to first see if I can get them appraised. If not, I am gonna slap their pictures up on Craigs list and see what happens.

Chairs and clock…you have received your notice!

As for the silver pitcher…that is going to the good will along with some other things that we no longer need or use.

Now I just gotta get it done :)

How about you?  Any dead people’s stuff weighing you down?  Are you holding onto things that you don’t even like?  What would it take for you to pass things along?

Well, I gotta split…time to call the clock guy and see if he knows anyone who might want my dead fella’s clock at a really good price :)

Have a clutter free day!

6 Responses to “Dead People’s Stuff~”

  1. OMG I’m drowning in stuff!! I inherited an entire house that was totally and completely furnished. Plus we had our own house full of stuff that had accumulated for 30 years.

    Most of the stuff is worth quite a lot of money and we have a storage room packed floor to ceiling.

    Much of it will go to the boys when they buy homes of their own (they rent now and don’t have room for a lot of stuff and they don’t want to move around valuable stuff as they move around).

    I can’t wait to give all this stuff to them.

  2. I wrote about “Mom’s legacy” in my blog. We finally have a buyer for her house, after one year and ten months. What a relief!

    Now we need to work on our own home.

    Decluttering is an important aspect of Feng Shui. You can do everything right in Feng Shui — money frogs, a well-balanced bagua, a pair of red candles in the love corner (yaozah!), etc. But if you have clutter, it’s useless. It’s so important to get rid of anything that brings back bad memories, or unfinished/broken things that leave you feeling like a failure.

    Good luck with the appraisal!

  3. Hey there Sherlock~ It will be so nice for you once they have their own homes. All that clutter gone! Shall we start a fund for their down payments??? 😉

  4. Hi there Mr Peg! Clutter is a real drainer for sure. And having stuff around that is not loved to reeses pieces is a feng shui no-no!!! Maybe once I find homes for these things…my fortune will finally show up 😉

    Are you interested in buying a lovely huge grandfather clock in perfect condition???? How about 2 rather large antique chairs?
    I will give ya a good price!


  5. I have antique elephants and teacups in boxes. I collected the elephants when my parents had an antique store, when I was a kid and the cups and saucers were my mothers and she left them here (in Australia) and here they are still. There are other things, letter, photos…I am so unsentimental, but still feel the guilt…oh the guilt. One day I say……….

  6. Hey Tara~ Thanks for your comment. I was lost in my blog file thingie :)
    Ahhhhhh the guilt! All that stuff. We should have a global garage sale:)
    Later dayz~

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