My fella brought home a lovely bouquet of flowers and since I was back to back with clients, I decided to put the flowers into a glass filled with water.  That way they would stay nice and hydrated until I could arrange them in a vase.

A few hours later, I had a break and created a fabulous arrangement in my favorite vase.  Put the flowers on the table and stood back to enjoy them.

Then I had a quick lunch and started to read my notes to get ready to chat with my next wonderful client.  After reading my notes, I did my lunch dishes and then noticed that I hadn’t taken my probiotic yet…so, I grabbed a couple…plopped them into my mouth and grabbed the glass of water that was sitting on the counter.  Sucked down the whole thing.

I tasted something weird.

“What is that???”  I wondered

A second later…I realized what I had done.


I drank the flower water.

A whole glass of it.

My client was going to be calling me in a few minutes so, I called my brilliant friend Christine (she is Miss Herbal Babe and I thought she might know if I had poisoned myself and was gonna die…or not). Cuz the taste in my mouth was bad…really bad…and my throat felt weird.

After I told her what had happened…she started laughing…caught herself and then went into action.  She looked up the flowers that were in the bouquet and everything seemed fine.  We were concerned about what the flowers might have been sitting in when they were at the store.  Plus, my chest was feeling kind of tight and wheezy.  Most likely cuz I had scared the begeezus out of myself…but maybe it was from the lethal poison possibility.

My call rang in and Christine offered to call the poison control center.  She said that she would email as soon as she spoke with someone.

It is so nice to have such loving friends~  Thanks Christine :)

I took my call.  Briefly told my client what had happened…she started laughing and then quickly regained her composure.  I told her all of this in case I had to go drink a bowl of charcoal or something.  Just to give her a heads up in case I stopped breathing….or started to choke…or whatever else could happen to someone who poisons themselves drinking flower water!

The poison control woman said for me to keep hydrated and make sure my stomach had some food in it through out the next 24 hours.  Yay!  I can do that!!!!  Pumpkin pie.  Chocolate.  And some more cheese please:)

After awhile my wheezing stopped and my body settled down.  It took 2 days for the taste to leave my mouth and throat. I guess my body wanted me to remember not to drink anymore flower water, just in case I decided to take a swig from the vase of flowers or something.

I am okay now.

My near death experience is over.

Well, it wasn’t really that near…but, it was in my head!  My mind can sure create a lot of end of the world scenarios!  I am just gifted in that way :)

Just another blonde moment in the land of Lynne~

Hope you had a safe holiday!

And may this be a warning to all of you…Don’t drink the flower water!

3 Responses to “Another Blonde Moment~”

  1. I can see how that would happen…not so blonde. Glad you didn’t die. :)

  2. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and gives us material for a funny blog post!

    Glad you’re okay!

  3. :)

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