Dear Magic 8 ball…

Me: Am I going to be able to come up with some new interesting blog ideas?

Magic 8 Ball:  Yes!

Me: When?

Magic 8 Ball: Outlook is good

Me:  Ok…that is great.  But, I need to know when?  I keep starting blogs and then sticking them in my “Drafts” folder where they will rot cuz I will never go back to them.  So, I really need a sense of when this good outlook is gonna show up!!!!

Magic 8 Ball: Try again

So…I move to my Inspiration 8 Ball.  Maybe that would give me a clearer time frame!

Me: Inspiration Magic 8 Ball when am I going to start having some new interesting things to write about in my blog?

Inspiration Magic 8 Ball:  Great idea!!!!

Me:  I know…but, when?????

Inspiration Magic 8 Ball: Nice Outfit.

Me: Thanks.

Signed: Major writers dullness in Colorado~

3 Responses to “Dear Magic 8 Ball”

  1. How about writing about a typical day in your life? What’s it like?

    Also, I have some quizzes that you could steal and answer on your own.

  2. My life? A typical day? really????? Wouldn’t that just bore the hell outta everyone? Hmmmmmmmmm….
    Quizzes are a fun idea. Where do I find them?

  3. Yes, saved drafts…I never go back to them either. Love your posts, even when they’re about not being able to think of anything to post about.

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