Hi there everyone~

Winter is here…a few weeks early.  It is snowing…and gorgeous…and fer-eezing!!!!  You see, I am originally from California so, when it snows I feel like a big kid.  I run around the house, clapping my hands and singing “let it snow~ let it snow~ let it snow!!! ” I just can’t help myself.

This morning I sang my song holding my cup of coffee and looking out of every window in the house allowing optimal viewing from all directions.

I took a nice warm shower…singing more snow songs…hopped out and got dressed. Well, sorta.  I put on sweat pants and a warm shirt cuz I had to go to the mail box…I was planning to change back into my jammies as soon as I came back into the house 😉

I went out to the mail box, happily looking about at the winter wonderland that surrounded me.  Humming another snow song under my breath.

By the time I got back into the house…my hair was frozen.

Okay.  Sure.  I went outside with it still wet from my shower.

Okay.  Sure.  It is 5 degrees outside and snowing.

But,  I didn’t think that this would freeze my hair.

As I entered the house and touched the stiff and crunchy texture of my hair…I had a wave of fear.  If I touch my hair will it shatter into a bunch of pieces?  Or does that only happen in the cartoons?  Can I blow dry it?  Or should I wait for it to thaw out? What would happen if I tried to brush it?

These are just a few of the freaky thoughts that went flying through my brain as I stood in the hallway.

And then my fella turned the corner and saw me standing there.

My fella: “Uh…are you okay?”

Me:  “No.  My hair froze when I went outside!”

My fella: “Well…you know you hair can shatter into a million pieces if your not careful!”

Me:  “Ohmygawd…are you frickin kidding me????”

My fella: “Nope”

and then he walked away.  I thought he was grinning but I couldn’t be sure.

So, I did what any sane adult would do…I followed him.

Me:  “You were kidding right?”

My fella:  “Hard to tell!”

I did what any sane adult would do…I googled it.  First I searched “frozen hair” and there were all of these pictures of folks with frozen hair.  Ha ha ha ha so funny.  Not.  Then I typed in “HARM from frozen hair.”  I capitalized HARM to show google that I meant business!  Well, obviously google didn’t give a shit cuz it just gave me more lists of goofy pictures…and then mention a poor hamster that got frozen and then moved into chemo and hair freeze from chemo.  Okay.  Not what I am wanting to know about!

I leaned back in my chair.

Took a deep breath.

Then brushed my fingers through my hair.

Somehow between my mini freak out, googling about my mini freak (to find proof that I had a right to be freaked out) and this moment…my hair had thawed.

It wasn’t frozen anymore.  It felt fine.

I ran into the bathroom to make sure.  Everything checked out.  I blew dry my hair and it looked really pretty.  It had a nice shine to it with lots of body.

Wow!  It looked great.

I might just have to freeze it again tomorrow :)

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