Greetings fellow Earthlings~

I know that you are going to be shocked.

I know that you are going to shake your head.

Your thinking to yourself: Is she really going to talk about the ‘M” word?


I am.

It is an alien conversation for this blog but one that has been in my cute little brain for awhile.

And these days I have lots of folks calling me and emailing me asking me about the ‘M’ word.  They are asking me how I do it.  It’s totally nuts.

And why the hell would I be talking about the ‘M’ word rather than chatting about the holidays and the things that folks bash their heads into during this time of year!

It’s crazy…I know!!!

But crazy or not…here it goes….

The ‘M’ word.


NO!  Don’t leave.  Really.  This will be funny.  And I hope interesting.  And it will be helpful.  I promise.

In the last year and a half my cute little business has expanded in a big way…lots of opportunities are showing up.  Lots of new clients.  Lots of returning clients.  Lots of cool things.  Lots of exciting things.  Lots.  So much has expanded that I just ordered a brand new leather calendar/organizer.  I have been using the same one for the last 7 years and it worked just great.  Until last year…I couldn’t fit all that I needed to on the lines of each day.  I was literally busting out of my calendar.

I just bought a gorgous purple leather organizer with lovely Iris’s on the cover.  It arrived yesterday.  It’s perfect.  Lots of room to write down all of the things that need a place in my days.

Oh right…this is about the ‘M’ word…not the pretty paraphenilia that comes with having your own business. Ok.  Fine.

It seems that some folks are waiting for me to tell them that this has been a cake walk.  Just show up to the fair.  Some one else will have magically made all of the cakes and all ya gotta do is walk around the circle….and some one will magically call your name and give you a beautiful cake.  Law of attraction.  Right?  If you want it and can imagine it…it will come.  Right?

Well, not.

Law of attraction is at work for sure.  But, there is this piece that folks forget about that allows the law of attraction to take hold and fly.  You gotta bake the cakes for the cake walk.  These last handfuls of years…I have been cake baking.  Some cakes turned out beautiful but tasted horrible.  Some cakes looked awful, but tasted delicious.  And some cakes turned out just right.  Oh…and some cake flavors were in vogue and now no one will eat them.  I have to continually change up the kinds of cakes that I am making.  Sometimes this part can feel really overwhelming….sometimes it can feel really creative…just depends on the day and my mood and how sleep I got the night before 😉

The other thing that had a huge affect on my business…was having my uterus removed.  Nothing like being out of constant excruciating pain to free up your energy! So if you have been thinking of having organs removed that could be a great step!

I have a friend that got a breast reduction and after that…her business really started kickin into gear.  Was it her smaller boobs?  No more back pain?  Who knows…she just felt more in the grove.  More comfy in her own skin.

Oh…and don’t knock cleaning out clutter.  I cleaned out our hall closet a couple of weeks ago and attracted two new clients that week.

Okay.  I know that this is not your traditional chat about marketing…but, I am not a traditional gal.  In summary…here is my marketing recipe:  bake a lot of cakes, have surgery…and clean out your clutter!

Any questions?

7 Responses to “The ‘M’ Word.”

  1. I think you covered all of the crucial points.

    I’m having my brain removed. I think that’s been getting in the way….

  2. You two, Lynne and Alix, have me cracking up! Surgery as part of a marketing strategy – who knew? And to think I’ve been avoiding the knife all these years. Sheesh. I’ve gotta re-think my plan.

  3. So Christine…what organ or appendage are you going to remove? 😉
    Oh…I wonder if we could do a bogo Alix…both of us get our brain removed…I like it!

  4. I don’t have ANOTHER brain to give up, so I’ll have to look for other excess body parts.

    Thanks for giving me hope that my investments will eventually pay off… Sometimes I wonder!

  5. In response to Alix, I always thought the key to marketing was having everyone else’s brains removed?

    Nice post, Lynne!

  6. Hey Carl!!! Nice to see you here~ I know…it is a difficult decision figuring out which body part to give up.
    I do offer some special coaching packages to help you get some clarity around this complex issue 😉

  7. Hey there Mr Peg~
    I like that….having everyone else’s brains removed. How would one go about that? Peer pressure? Guilt? Shame? Humiliation?? Hmmmm…lots to think about!

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