Somewhere between here and there, it got lost.

It ain’t under there.

It’s not behind that.

It’s not up top.

It’s not down under.

It ain’t here.

It’s like it never was here.

It has completely disappeared.

Well, that isn’t totally true.

I see traces of it once in awhile.

A clump of thoughts that might be interesting.

Then they are gone.

A funny interaction that could be shared.

Then I try and write about it…

and then the funny just floats away.

An interesting article that sets my thoughts to thinkin.

Then I sit down to explore these clumps of words floatin around my brain…

and poof.

Yes, poof.

They disappear.

Just like that.

The other day, I was driving home from a fun adventure.  I thought to myself  “I have it now! This will be fun!  This will be interesting.  This will make folks laugh.”

Opened up the door.  Put my things down….between putting my bag away and hangin up my coat…poof (yes, poof) it was gone.




What the hell is this called?

What’s that phrase?

Writers talk about it all the time…

Writer’s blug?


Writer’s blech?


Writer’s bluggie blech?

Very Close.



That’s the one.

May your day be filled with beautiful words that spill forth in abundance!

And can ya pass some of that abundance on to me?


2 Responses to “Where did it go?”

  1. Poor Dear, what a responsibility you bear, with a whole lot of ready to pounce on your next sentence, baited breath, turning blue…its ok. Just letting us know you are here helps! xx00

  2. Ahhhhhhhh thanks Tara! Since no words are coming…I am thinking about taking up beading again. Whaddya think? I wish we lived on the same continent so that we could hang out and bead together~ Oh, I forgot to tell you…I got a complement on the gorgeous necklace that you made me. :)

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