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I have recently begun a 6 month journey with Rue Hass called “Re-imagining your life.” The focus of this journey is to re- write…re- create…re- imagine a new story for your life.   And to take action and actually step into it :) Yikes!  We are a small group of visionaries who will be re-imagining a specific area of our lives together. Which is really cool~  I like the group energy!

I am going to be focusing on my work in the world.

I need help to even be able to re-imagine this.

Maybe those of you who have a chronic illness can relate.

One of the outcomes of being ill for so many years is that I stopped dreaming.  It became too painful to think of new possibilities for my work.  I could never get the ideas off the ground.  One day I would be feeling pretty good and get my foot on the gas pedal.  The next day I would be in severe pain and my foot would slam on the breaks.  Foot on the gas.  Foot on the break.  On and on it went until I felt so exhausted by all of this stop and start….I just decided to stop starting!

Now that I am out of pain most days I feel ready to dip my toe into this dreaming water.  Might even dunk all the way in.  I need some help clearing up the fear that once I dunk all the way in…something is going to happen that will slam my foot on the break all over again.


There is fear there.  I can feel it in my chest.

This superstition that whispers: “You know what happens when you get too excited…when you get too into action…KABAM! It’s not safe to want.  Don’t do it!!!!”

I am gonna need to do a lot of tappin (EFT) on this…glad that I am gonna have some support!!!!

So, what does all of this have to do with my title? 6 words?

Well, one of our assignments is to play with 6 word autobiographies that speak to the new story we are imagining for ourselves.  I thought you, my fabulous readers, might have some fun with this too. You know how I like to share :)

Here is the idea.  Write down 6 words that describes a new intention for yourself…a little sound bite…or little word bite.   To amp it up…go ahead and do some EFT on these phrases.  Notice what comes up.  I am going to do these every Monday for a while~

I invite you to play along :)

Here are my 6 words (I am focusing on being able to dream up something snazzy for my work in the world):

Foot on gas and cruisin along.

What are your 6 words?  You can do more than one 6 word clump :)


10 Responses to “6 words.”

  1. Saying YES whenever wherever I can!

    Consistently choosing a better feeling thought.

    Feeling good is my natural state.

    ooooh. this is fun. Thanks Lynn, and good luck with your new adventure. If you need anything don’t hesitate to give me a shout!!

  2. Leap and the net will appear.

    (Actually, I thought of writing that when I got halfway through reading your post, even before reading about the six-word clump.)

  3. These are great 6 word clumps you guys!!! I love it:)

    Here is another one stolen from my friend Sheryl:
    Life is short.. not this short!

  4. Hey Jackie~ I just might be giving you a shout. You are so good with all of this internet stuff:)
    Thanks :)

  5. Feel the fear–do it anyway

    I know, old, overused, cliche, possibly even trite, but there aren’t 6 other words that fit what I’m trying to do in my life right now.

    Thanks, Lynne

  6. Please do…

    Here’s a couple more that came to me this morning as I was waking up.

    Reevaluating the necessity of arbitrary rules.

    Your behavior doesn’t affect my mood.


  7. Hey Jackie…those are both really cool! thanks for sharin em!!!!! Hope you have a dandy day:)

  8. Like that we get to keep working this exercise with you Lynne. Look forward to more.

    Part of my finding a new way in this world with having severe ME/CFS has been accepting that pushing the gas pedal gently and then taking my foot off, is the reality of living with this illness and the related conditions that have accompanied it…

    I’m doing what ever I am able to, when I’m able to, to help further awareness and research of chronic illnesses. I’ve been working on feeling good about what I can do, not what I can’t. (Recently, I’ve had new opportunities to participate outside in the world (from my home) because I have ME/CFS).

    My six words–Do whatever I can; its enough

  9. Hey Kerry~ Thanks for sharing:) You are a bad ass babe…always have been :)
    Love your 6 words. I am gonna adopt them today…having a bit of trouble with my own health trip.
    Have a cozy day at home:)

  10. Leap and the net will appear.

    (Actually, I thought of writing that when I got halfway through reading your post, even before reading about the six-word clump.)

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