Hold to your hats folks…things are getting a bit wild over here!

First of all, we have been having some wind.  I’m not talkin about a breeze.  I am talking gale force winds that make strange creatures fly up into the air and hit ya in the face!  I made up the story that somehow this wind was gonna blow all of the allergens out of the air. Nope.  Ain’t true.  This morning our eyes are even redder then they were yesterday~

Where the hell did I put the visine?????

The next part of wildness is happening in and around our property.  Our gardens are exploding with life.  I have spent many hours out there the last few weeks, cutting back old dead stuff from last year, clearing out new weeds and getting things ready for some new additions.  I swear that last Saturday and Sunday all the weeds were cleared out…only to wake up Monday morning to find a half an acre of weeds sprung up over night.  How is that possible?

This year I have decided to bend these weeds to my will.

Whaddya think?  Head banger? or Possibility? or Just plain stupid?

I have also decided to paint.  Yep.  Paint. The inside of the house.  My color palette has changed and these old colors just gotta go.  You see, the first time I painted the whole inside of the house (the first year we were here), I was really ill and wanted nice mellow, cozy colors.  Now that I am feeling more energized (I still have some pain but, it ain’t like it used to be!!!) I want vibrant, clean and crisp colors.

The process has already begun…

Paint chips anyone?  With some salsa?

What else….

Oh, right.  I am in the Beginning stages of creating some new super cool products.  I will let ya know more about that when they are close to completion.  Hint:  Fun greeting cards with Lynne-isms and some snazzy EFT recordings focusing on all sorts of things…beginning with weight and body stuff :)

Hmmmmm….anything else….My son is visiting :)  Yay!!!!!  We are all hanging out having a great time together.  Pictures will follow soon:)

Well, I gotta split.  Lots of clients today and a hike with my son~

More to blog about later….

What is happenin’ in your neck of the woods?

4 Responses to “Hold on….things are gettin wild!”

  1. Lynne, Good to hear all the wild stuff happening there. Hope you two had a good time hiking today…hiking in the wild crazy wind. It does seem to be one of the weirdest weather patterned springs ever.

    Isn’t it cool the way our color tastes change…kind of like we grow into new one’s to match where our lives go and grow? Hmmm…wonder what colors you’re painting with. Do we get to see pictures of your walls and you an your family having fun? How about you and your family having fun with the new color of walls painted behind you?

    Okay, I’m getting silly. I’m glad you are feeling good enough to want vibrant colors surrounding you and to be able to go hiking with your son. Love, Kerry

  2. You sound happy and energized! Great to hear. Enjoy your windy Spring with your son and guy.

  3. Thanks Tara! I had a great visit with my boy…oops…young man…we hiked, and talked, and played backgammon 😉 and talked some more~ So, nice to hang out with him!

  4. Thanks Kerry~ Had a nice hike with Corey. I almost fell off a cliff but that was part of the whole adventure 😉

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