When I ordered my first  frappachino last year, l fell in love with the yummy tasty cup of delight…pretty much right off the bat. I realized that this could be a problem.  One cuz I rarely fall in love with a food or beverage in that way…and two because I rarely fall in love with a food or beverage in that way!

And because of the unusual-ness of this whole experience, I knew the potential for indulgence was great.

Why shouldn’t I have one of these yummy cups of cold, whipped coffee goodness every day?  I deserve it right?

So what if they cost a wad of cash for each one?

I could just order a small!

So what if they have a bajillion calories per small cup?

I don’t need to eat anything else!!!!

So what if it is totally politically incorrect to go to starbucks everyday?

I could do the drive thru and no one would know! 😉

I decided to give myself a frappachino budget.  I know.  I know.  Such a Virgo thing to do….

Anyway, I figured out my little budget (while dreaming of new ways to make more money so that I could increase this puny little wad!)  and off I went.  I decided that I could spend it any way I wanted.  What did I do?  I bought one everyday until the money ran out…which lasted about a week!

Funny thing was…after about a week…my love affair was quieting down.  The dreamy dates had become predictable.  The staff at starbucks were beginning to say “Hi” in a way to familiar tone.  And my stomach wasn’t liking the major sugar infusion at all!!!!

It was time to end the little brief love affair.  And lucky for me…the weather had started to turn cold and so this choice felt pretty easy to make.  Onward to hot cups of chia.  Plus, I could make my own chia at home!

The other day, was a very warm day.  I had been out doing some errands and found a $5.00 bill hiding in my billfold.  I decided that it was the perfect day to have a frappachino!  Besides, I hadn’t had one since last fall!!!!  Couldn’t be that bad right?  I pulled into the Starbucks and breathed a sigh of relief when I didn’t recognize anyone.

Unknown person behind counter (Upbc):  “Hi there!!!!!  How can I help you????”

Me: (Feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the perkiness of this person): “Um…ya, I would like a grande frappachino”

Upbc:  “Oh my gawwwwdddddd!!!! That is my favorite drink EVEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!”

Me: Smiling “I know!  They are so yummy!”

As she turned to go make the drink, I noticed that her hands were shakin pretty bad.

Me:  “How many frappachino’s have you had today?”  said with a nice warm smile

Upbc:  “I know!!!  Right??!!!  I have had 4 of em.  My hands are even shakin!  I gotta stop having so many…they are sooooooooooooooooo addictive!!!  Right!!!???”

Me:  “They sure are!”

As she hands me my little cup of joy, I said ‘goodbye’ to her and then headed out to my car.  After taking one sip…I knew that the love affair was back.  I was just in a more mature place with it.  I made the decision right then and there to enjoy my love of frappachino’s in a more relaxed way.

Once in awhile.

That’s it.

Once in a while.

For a treat!

Well, I gotta go now….ummmmm…errands…you know!

Then maybe…just for a treat…maybe…..I will stop by and say “hi” to  the Upbc.

She did invite me to come back 😉

Have a delightful day~

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